Concept of Appraisal system & Compensation

In fiscal 1999, Fuji Xerox shifted from a personnel system based on “job qualifications” to a “role-based system. “ The goal is to build an equitable relationship between the Company and employees whereby the Company specifies the roles that need to be filled to achieve its management goals and our employees respond by demonstrating their individual abilities and specialized skills. In so doing, they experience their personal growth and are granted recognition and rewards.

In 2012, dramatic changes in the Company’s operating environment have made it essential to achieve further top-line growth. For this purpose, we revised the HR system to better evaluate employees on their ability to tackle growth and change, to promote such employees promptly, and to treat them fairly.

The evaluation system consists of two elements: “performance evaluations,” which break down organizational goals by employee and recognize employees achieving challenging performance figures; and “behavioral evaluations,” which seek to recognize factors such as innovation in attaining high performance goals, proactive cooperation energizing the overall organization, and positive activities in human resource development or other areas.

The evaluation system serves as a tool to help employees expand their own capabilities and achieve professional growth. At the same time, we believe management must make the best possible use of these evaluations and appointment systems to strengthen human resource development of their staff. We are moving forward to raise awareness among management members through a series of dialogues with some 1,400 individuals in management positions, across departments and job-type boundaries, with the theme of how to put the new evaluation system to use in management and help the company grow.