Working Conditions and Workplace Safety and Health

Working Hours and Holidays

From the perspective of enhancing work-life balance and increasing productivity, Fuji Xerox has been promoting initiatives to shorten the number of total working hours of employees, control long working hours, and manage the health of employees who work long hours.

At Fuji Xerox the working hours of individual employees can be confirmed at any time via the Company intranet. This enables managers and supervisors to monitor and manage the attendance and work patterns of employees from the perspective of productivity and health management. It is also Company procedure for industrial physicians to conduct individual consultations with employees who working long hours and, if necessary, to issue recommendations to relevant departments.

Paid leave taken (Fuji Xerox unconsolidated)

Annual work hours per employee (Fuji Xerox and Affiliates)

Occupational Health and Safety

At Fuji Xerox, ensuring safety takes priority over all work duties. This is a principle that we and our affiliates as well as our sales companies wholeheartedly and uncompromisingly embrace in our efforts to realize sound employee health and the creation of a safe and pleasant workplace.

In fiscal 2011, we undertook various activities with a focus on priority goals, including preventing workplace accidents, preventing health effects due to long working hours, expanding education on mental health, and prohibiting smoking indoors at sites in Japan

Maintaining and Improving Health

The health and safety regulations applying to all Fuji Xerox group companies establish the following basic approaches concerning health: Health is an essential resource of life planning for each employee. From the company perspective, employee health is an important resource that contributes to business activities. While maintaining health is the personal responsibility of each employee, the Company must support such efforts.

Number of Work-related Accidents (Fuji Xerox unconsolidated)

Consultations following Medical Examinations