Engagement with Employees

3. Employee Development

Basic Concept

Fuji Xerox seeks employees who can think and act on their own, and are able to adapt to changes and initiate innovation. We are striving to improve both individually and organizationally to ensure that every employee can develop their competency in a self-reliant and proactive way, empowering them to create careers in which they can feel a sense of their own growth. In doing so, we are guided by the beliefs below.

  • The company itself is a place of education.
    Growth of the individual and the organization as a whole will lead to the development of Fuji Xerox.
  • The job itself contributes to personnel growth.
    Centered on development through practice at work, integrate knowledge and experience, as well as theory and front line implementation.
  • Personnel development is the role of management.
    The most important role of a manager is to nurture people who can think and act on their own.

Supporting Career Development (Career Development Sheets, Recruitment, and the Career Consultation Office)

All employees at Fuji Xerox and its affiliates and sales companies in Japan prepare a career development sheet once a year, and discuss its content during a one-to-one meeting with their manager. The aim of this sheet is to enable the employee to review their current job and other experience to date (comprising know-how acquired and years of experience) to reexamine their own strengths and weaknesses and take the initiative in delineating their own future career path (in terms of positions and work content to follow on from their current job). Managers repeat the cycle of creating development plans based on the employee’s own career goals and plans, and developing the employee through on- and off-the-job training.

Fuji Xerox has also introduced an internal job posting system for all employees, including those at its affiliates and sales companies in Japan, to allow individual employees autonomy in choosing the career they wish to challenge.

Furthermore, in the Career Consultation Office, employees who have passed a rigorous process of screening and training handle consultations as career consultants fulfilling two functions within the Company. Every year these consultation services are used by a large number of individuals of all types, from young employees to senior employees.

Education Programs and Development of Global Talents

We provide education across all Fuji Xerox companies, including those overseas, in the form of all-Fuji Xerox fundamental education,Note1 education for new graduates and mid-career hires, and education for newly appointed managers. Furthermore, Fuji Xerox and its affiliates and sales companies in Japan offer employee development programs organized by type of job families (R&D, production, systems engineers, customer engineers, and sales) and employee level (new graduates, young employees, leaders, and management). Affiliates overseas implement their own employee development programs according to their own local characteristics.

We are encouraging our employees to adopt a more global outlook in two ways: by bringing personnel from overseas to Japan and by sending Japan-based employees overseas. One way in which we bring personnel from overseas to Japan to hire non-Japanese employees is by hosting interns via partnerships with eminent technical universities outside Japan known for their advanced technologies. We also deliberately transfer employees from our affiliates overseas to Japan as a means of developing them. We regard these initiatives not only as ways to cultivate globally minded employees across Fuji Xerox as a whole, but also as the means to create an environment where our employees in Japan work alongside employees from overseas with the aim of promoting internal globalization.

We send Japan-based employees overseas as part of our selective program for developing next-generation leaders, which targets employees at Fuji Xerox and its affiliates and sales companies in Japan. Selected employees acquire experience of working at our affiliates in China, Singapore, or elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, at Xerox Corporation in the United States, or at other companies outside Japan. This enables them to improve their skills, including their ability to deal with different cultures and to lead a diverse range of personnel.

  • Note1 All-Fuji Xerox fundamental education: This includes education on the FX Spirit, the codes of discipline and conduct, and the basics of problem-solving.

4. Appraisal, Promotion, and Compensation

Fuji Xerox aims to evaluate employees on their ability to tackle growth and change, to promote such employees promptly, and to compensate them fairly. To that end, we are in the process of adopting standardized approaches and methods to be employed throughout the Company, both in Japan and overseas, with regard to key personnel systems governing employee assessment, roles, and job grades.

Appraisal takes two different forms: "performance evaluations," which break organizational goals down to set challenging targets, recognizing employees’ success in achieving those targets, and "behavioral evaluations," which recognize behavior leading to innovation, invigoration of the organization as a whole, and development of other employees.

The appraisal system is essential to achieving the business results targeted by the Company. At the same time, we aim to create a system that can be utilized to the utmost to enable employees themselves to expand their own capabilities and achieve professional growth, while enabling management to verify such growth among their team members and implement a PDCA cycle for developing them further.

Fuji Xerox has adopted a job role-based personnel system with regard to promotion and compensation. The aim is to build an equitable relationship between the Company and employees whereby the Company specifies the roles that need to be performed to achieve its management goals and the employees respond by drawing on their individual abilities and specialized skills to undertake those job roles, generating results that lead to achievement of the Company’s goals. In so doing, employees gain a tangible sense of their own personal growth and are granted recognition and rewards.