Engagement with Employees

5. Safe Work Environments

At Fuji Xerox, ensuring safety takes priority over all work duties. This is a principle that all Fuji Xerox companies in Japan and overseas embrace throughout their business activities in an effort to realize sound employee health and the creation of safe and pleasant workplaces. The code of conduct that applies to all companies in the Fujifilm Group specifies the Group’s guiding principles with regard to workplace safety and health, and Fuji Xerox is enhancing and enforcing safety-related governance throughout all its companies in Japan and overseas, as well as offering education including case studies to promote understanding around safety. Furthermore, the health and safety regulations applying to all Fuji Xerox companies in Japan establish Fuji Xerox’s basic approach concerning health. It is also Company procedure for industrial physicians to conduct individual consultations with employees who work long hours and, if necessary, to take steps such as issuing recommendations to relevant departments.

6. Work Style Innovation

Under the slogan, "From Hustle to Beautiful," Fuji Xerox has since the 1970s been communicating new work style ideas to society at large while supporting employees in developing ways of working that are more diverse and smarter. We were, for instance, ahead of other companies in offering systems such as flextime work and leave for childcare or long-term nursing care. As a result, we now have a well-established workplace culture where it is natural for employees to make use of these systems in order to carry on working even after major life events. We have also responded to the demands of the times and of society by taking a proactive approach in adopting other systems such as leave for fertility treatments and a relocation system for employees whose spouses are transferred; Fuji Xerox and its affiliates and sales companies in Japan all employ the same systems.

We believe that the essence of promoting work life balance lies not in simply helping employees to juggle their work and private life, but in improving the entire organization’s performance to increase employees’ morale and help them reach their full potential. That is why we are pursuing innovation with the aim of enabling well-balanced work styles that support the diverse values of individual employees.

The Fujifilm Group’s Sustainable Value Plan 2030 set working style as one of its priority issues, declaring the Group’s intention to "extend in-house work style innovation to change society so that everyone can be satisfied with their job." Fuji Xerox also proactively encourages employees to improve their performance by adopting new work styles and provide their customers with related solutions and services based on their own experiences.