Work-Life Balance

Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

Since launching the New Work Way management innovation initiative in fiscal 1988, Fuji Xerox has taken an early start in its endeavor to provide a working environment that allows employees to successfully combine work and family life, introducing a childcare leave system in fiscal 1988 and a family nursing care system in fiscal 1990.

In result, this has allowed a culture to prevail with the company where it is a matter of course to continue working by making use of these systems. The average length of employment at Fuji Xerox in fiscal 2011 was 19.6 years for men and 15.3 years for women. The gender gap is narrowing with each passing year.

In addition, Fuji Xerox looks at work-life balance not just in terms of successfully combining work and family life. The essence of our stance aims to promote employee awareness that will transform working styles in a way that elevates employee morale and to exert all of our capabilities for enhanced organizational productivity, and that support different values among employees so as to realize meaningful work.

Overview of Childcare Support Systems