Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principle

Here, we will introduce the quality assurance activities performed by Fuji Xerox and our affiliated companies to gain customer satisfaction and trust through providing our products.

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as Fuji Xerox) will pay thoroughgoing consideration to provide safe-designed products with the view for Safety First. Hereby, Fuji Xerox will strive to sustain and gain higher reliance from customers.

  1. Compliance
    Fuji Xerox will comply with the requirements stipulated by laws and regulations regarding product safety.
  2. Establishment of Fuji Xerox’s Action Plan
    According to the Key Principle, Fuji Xerox will establish Fuji Xerox’s Action Plan on the subject of product safety and facilitate it to make continual improvement. Hereby, Fuji Xerox will make best efforts to foster a corporate culture of “Customer First” and “Product Safety Ensuring.” Fuji Xerox will maintain and enhance Product Safety Management System that harmonizes with Fuji Xerox’s Action Plan.
  3. Quality Control for Ensuring Product Safety
    Fuji Xerox will carry out quality control in all processes of product planning, development, production, sales/service and disposal. Continual improvement shall apply.
  4. Information Collection, Disclosure and Report of Product Safety Incidents
    Fuji Xerox will positively collect information on product safety incidents and concerns from customers. Fuji Xerox will ensure proper information disclosure and transparency to customers. Moreover, if a critical product safety incident of Fuji Xerox products occurs, Fuji Xerox will promptly report it to a competent administration according to laws.
  5. Product Recall
    As occasion arises; Fuji Xerox will take a measure (e.g., product recall) in order to prevent risk and its increment due to product safety incidents. Moreover, Fuji Xerox will promptly notify it to users in a proper way. Fuji Xerox will strive to trace customers to notify all of them.
  6. Preventive Measures of Product Safety Incidents and Employee Training
    To ensure reliable and safe product from development, production and service; Fuji Xerox will provide employees with on-the-job training, education regarding regulatory compliance, preventive measures against product safety incidents and continual improvement on product safety.