Business Domains

Since its foundation in 1962, Fuji Xerox has evolved in our cultivated business of reproducing paper information. To increase our customers’ productivity, competitiveness, and resolve their business challenges, we today strive to offer solutions and services leveraging our own AI/IoT technologies, based on our value proposition: Smart Work Innovation.

Office Products and Printers

To serve our customers seeking greater productivity, streamlined operations and work style reforms, Fuji Xerox helps address various business challenges related to documents and communications. To that end, we supply office products such as multifunction printers to businesses of various size, from large to small-and-medium, as well as providing cloud-based or mobile solutions/services that help customers handle various information efficiently.

By evolving multifunction printers into a business portal, Fuji Xerox is expanding the ecosystem that provides connectivity between our services with other companies’ cloud services, to give customers the ultimate, tailored environment for seamless communication.

Production Services

Fuji Xerox provides solutions in the graphic communications, in-plant and production print environments with high-volume printing requirements. These solutions enable full-color, on-demand printing of a wide range of applications, including variable data for personalized content and one-to-one marketing.

A coordinated approach of print and digital media is used to deliver messages and information efficiently and effectively, by utilizing on-demand printing and various printing technologies to timely communicate relevant information to target customers. As a global partner in developing compelling communication that captures attention and encourages response from customers, Fuji Xerox delivers personalized content to customers through collaborations with partner companies in the industry.

Solutions and Services

Fuji Xerox provides document services that are tailored to various industries or business processes to meet business challenges. To help customers resolve various issues, we provide high value-added solutions through system integration and cloud-based services, as well as services covering management of multifunction devices and Business Process Outsourcing of mission-critical processes, thus assisting customers to streamline business processes, to expand their businesses and reforming their work style.

While resolving customer issues, Fuji Xerox also embraces advanced technologies such as AI and IoT to enhance our document services that utilize data and knowledge, all with aim of creating a workplace capable of triggering customer creativity and delivering positive results.