Commentary on the Shared Values

The Shared Values comprise 10 value statements, each emphasizing our responsibility and setting forth how we should approach business as members of society and as individuals based on a fundamental respect for humanity.

Customer Satisfaction

The basis of our business is to provide customers with valuable products and services, use the consideration generated from such activities as resources for further growth, and create higher value, gaining trust from our customers throughout the process.

For each member of the Group to realize the intent declared in our Mission Statement, it is necessary to start with Customer Satisfaction as the key precept.

Environmental Consciousness

Customers are not the only target of our activities. As a member of the global community, coexistence with nature and protection of the earth's environment and natural resources - which are the foundation of global development - are required as fundamental social responsibilities. When making conscientious business decisions or in one's daily life, Environmental Consciousness is essential. In addition, to foster a knowledge society and to enrich diverse cultures, we must promote a healthy environment.

High Ethical Standards

To fulfill our Mission Statement while serving our customers and protecting the environment, high moral standards and proper behavior based on ethical excellence are important. As a matter of course, we must meet all obligations placed on us by society. However, considering the rapid changes in today's societal structures, situations that cannot be measured by existing laws and rules are increasing. Therefore, the key factor is the decisions and behavior of the individual. Furthermore, we should serve as a role model for society by maintaining High Ethical Standards that function as the underpinning for all other actions.

Scientific Thinking

Scientific Thinking is the key to proceed our work. Of course, inspiration and sensitivity are important, but it is necessary to understand things correctly with practical facts. We must not depend on individual perceptions or on decisions made in the absence of facts. Once we combine High Ethical Standards with sound, fact-based Scientific Thinking, our accomplishments will know no bounds.


In addition to achieving the combination of values mentioned above, we must strive to improve ourselves by continually expanding our individual knowledge with the aim of reaching the top of our respective fields. This desire toward self-improvement, which enhances our character and generates excellence, constitutes the basis of the shared value known as Professionalism. Being responsible for your results and taking them to the next step are factors embodied in Professionalism.

Team Spirit

In order to link individual abilities to achieve significant results, Team Spirit is essential. Everyone's work is related to many factors. Clearly, there is a limit to the good results that any one person can achieve. Therefore, it is vital to remove all barriers that isolate one's self from fellow team members, and contribute to and continually foster open communication. Moreover, results will be achieved much quicker when work is done as a team instead of on an individual basis. It is also very important to make a contribution to the team while participating in group activities as a willing, supportive player. Team Spirit will act as a competitive edge multiplier.

To maintain Team Spirit, it is important not to force one's own values onto others, but rather to respect the values of other people, organizations, companies, regions, and countries.

Cultural Diversity

Fuji Xerox Group's range of activities has spread globally. Our customers and markets are diverse, and the people with whom we work reflect that diversity. Within the Group, in order to utilize everyone's full potential, respect for Cultural Diversity is vital. We must learn about the cultures with which we interact and gain inspiration from each other. We sincerely wish to contribute to the progress of society through attainment of these ideals.

Trust and Consideration

To respect cultural diversity, we have to Consider other people in our daily behavior. Selfish attitudes will only do harm. To build Trust among co-workers, it is imperative that we do our best to encourage others, and to make their workplace environment comfortable and supportive.

Trust will improve the speed and quality of work, and will serve as the basis for value-added activities. Mutual trust and respect will contribute to a positive work environment that will activate and stimulate everyone.

In addition, it is important to build Trust in society. We must recognize that in addition to looking after our own welfare, it is vital to see to the well-being of all people in the society in which we conduct business.

Joy and Fulfillment

These values will contribute to obtaining the aims and goals stated in the Mission Statement. However, we should not focus only on accomplishments. In the process of achieving our goal, we must pursue Joy and Fulfillment, which are clearly the sources of lasting power. Each of us must find our own Joy and Fulfillment in life. Further, we must have the courage to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of attaining both. These will surely bring you positive change and extraordinary results.

Adventurous/Pioneer Spirit

We have dared to choose "The Road Not Taken," and we consider it most vital to foster an Adventurous/Pioneer Spirit and to decisively challenge the unknown. This is truly the spirit of the Fuji Xerox Group. We would like to apply the Fuji Xerox spirit in all our endeavors, and contribute greatly not only to customer satisfaction but also to the growth and development of the world, ultimately fulfilling our Mission Statement.