Mission Statement

Build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge.

Toward the 21st century, we will broaden our field of activities and challenge new areas to heighten our potential. In order to reach our aim, we have clarified our business domains. They are stated broadly in order to cover the entire Fuji Xerox so that each company can reflect the Mission Statement in their activities.

"Knowledge" is an area where many elements have yet to be defined, nevertheless, it is Fuji Xerox' spirit to challenge this area.

Creation and effective utilization of knowledge

With the imminent emergence of the knowledge society, knowledge as a business resource will become the core of our competitive advantage as priorities change from quantity to quality and from hardware to software. To date, we have been engaged in the process of transforming knowledge into documents, but from now we will commit ourselves to supporting our customers in creating and accumulating knowledge by broadening the way knowledge is created and utilized, ultimately enhancing their intellectual competitiveness. To that end, we need to develop an environment and opportunities for knowledge creation.

Build an environment

"Environment" implies everything from products, services and technologies to effectiveness and opportunities which are useful for the creation and utilization of knowledge. Our business domain supports the building of such an environment.

Contribute to the advancement of the global community by continuously fostering mutual trust and enriching diverse cultures.

The ultimate purpose of our existence does not lie in making profits or sustaining growth. Although those aspects are important, they are no more than a means to an end.

Fuji Xerox is a vision-led enterprise. Fuji Xerox' spirit lies in taking the lead in innovation, sending positive messages to the world, creating new social values and contributing to societies.

Taking advantage of the above strengths, we must assume greater responsibility as an organization and as individuals.

Continuously fostering mutual trust and enriching diverse cultures

The basis of progress lies in mutual trust and joining hands among people and countries around the globe. We, Fuji Xerox, build mutual trust with our stakeholders - customers, shareholders and employees - and contribute to the progress of the global society through this trust.

Above all, we want to make a significant contribution toward expanding cultures unique to each country and region so that such cultures will enable us to feel spiritually and materially rich.

Fuji Xerox is responsible for developing and expanding Fuji Xerox' culture and disseminating it throughout society.

Achieve growth and fulfillment in both our professional and personal lives.

This is the crux of drafting the new Mission Statement, and is something that the former Corporate Philosophy lacks. We have also clarified the above objective so that Fuji Xerox members can grow and feel joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Achieve growth & fulfillment

As we advance step by step to achieve fulfillment in our professional and personal lives, we are all the more determined to attain the precepts that sum up our mission.

We would like to achieve a state where each Fuji Xerox member does not feel buried in the organization, but feels growth as a professional, making full use of his or her personality in the job.

We aim at fulfilling each member's dreams and desires, sharing satisfaction and happiness in daily life with our family, as well as attaining contentment with work.