Information Security Report

Information security is an extremely important theme to Fuji Xerox in order to remain a partner that our customers can trust and feel at ease.
This report has been released since fiscal year 2006 for the purpose of raising the credibility of our business by explaining Fuji Xerox's efforts in information security to our customers and stakeholders.


The contents of this report, upon its release, consist of information deemed to be acceptable within the scope of information security effectiveness, as well as being appropriate for release to our stakeholders.

Information Security Report

This fiscal year 2016 report was created in reference with the "Information Security Report Model" announced in 2007 by "Information Security Governance Conference" held by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and with the following structure.

  • Message from Top Management
  • Information Security Governance
    • Implementation of Integrated Management Systems
    • Fuji Xerox's Activities in Cyber-Security
  • Safety Proposal to Our Customers
    • Solution Case Study
  • Internal Information Security
    • Information Security at OverSea Affiliates
    • Efforts for Individual Number
    • Information Security Coordinated with Partner Companies
    • Communication Reform and Security
  • Third Party Evaluations and Certifications

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