Conserving the Global Environment

We are conducting programs to conserve the global environment across countries and regions: some examples are described below.

The Kid's ISO Program

The Kids' ISO Program is an environmental education program for children, which is offered in many countries around the world. In Japan, the International Art & Technology Cooperation Organization (ArTech ) promotes and implements this program mainly for elementary and junior high school students in collaboration with international organizations such as the United Nations University and UNESCO. The program is designed to foster children's latent sensibility to the environment, raise their environmental awareness, and encourage them to take the initiative to protect the environment through their everyday energy saving activities at home.

Fuji Xerox endorses the goals of this program and carries out the following related activities:

  1. Support for implementing the program in elementary and junior high schools and employees' homes
  2. Support for organizing the International Certificate Awarding Ceremony for students who successfully completed the program
  3. Developing employee volunteers who support the activities above as well as volunteer graders.

Supporting the Program

To support the development of future generations and environmental conservation, employee volunteers of our affiliates and offices will continue to play a leading role in our continuous engagement in the program in their respective communities.

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Training Sessions for Nature Guides

A training session for nature guides is offered by the Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J), where participants learn the necessary knowledge and skills for nature guides, including knowledge on nature conservation and what nature observation tours should consist of, over the course of two days and one night. The course starts with activities intended to cultivate an understanding of how nature works and the relationship between people and nature. After completing the workshop, nature guides register with the NACS-J and seek to convey the interest, mystery, and significance of nature and its mechanisms to a wider audience.

To raise employees' environmental awareness and develop people who can support local environmental conservation activities, Fuji Xerox has held such a training session jointly with the NACS-J every year since 2001. The joint training session is held at the Fuji Xerox Tsukahara Training Facility (in Minami-Ashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture), and is participated by up to 30 Fuji Xerox employees and 30 external applicants. After the training session, participants are expected to play an active role in local environmental conservation activities.

The training session offered participating employees more than lectures and other necessary training. It provided a valuable opportunity to meet with participants from outside the company, who shared a common strong interest in nature conservation despite differences in age, backgrounds, experience and knowledge.

With the 14th session held in fiscal 2014, the total number of participants in the training exceeded 400 employees.

In fiscal 2015, the program was expanded to offer employees more opportunities to participate in training sessions held by NACS-J in various areas throughout Japan. Through this program, we foster community-based environmental conservation activities.

Learning from a NACS-J member