Kids' ISO Program

An Environmental Education Program for Children

The Kids' ISO Program is an environmental education program for children operated by the nonprofit organization ArTech (International Art & Technology Cooperation Organization). It seeks to give children the skills and understanding needed to take the initiative in environmental conservation activities, including everyday energy-saving activities in the home.

Fuji Xerox endorses the goals of this program and carries out the following related activities: (1) Implementing a program at employee homes in which children play the leading role (to foster and increase the number of employees with high environmental awareness and a proactive attitude); (2) supporting the implementation of programs by stakeholder communities and customers (primarily at elementary schools, with the goals of earning the trust of the community and fulfilling part of Fuji Xerox's responsibilities to society); and (3) training volunteer staff and support staff to support and evaluate such activities (to contribute to self-realization and raise morale). As part of the Kids' ISO Program, communities including Minami-Ashigara City in Kanagawa Prefecture receive support to implement the program at elementary schools as model communities.

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