Satoyama (Natural Woodlands) Preservation Activities

Narita Satoyama Zukuri No Kai Committee

Since March 2004, with the cooperation of Chiba Prefecture's Greenery Promotion Department and local landowners, the volunteer group Narita Satoyama Zukuri No Kai (“Create Natural Woodlands in Narita Committee”) have been active in efforts in the city of Narita, Chiba Prefecture, to deepen their understanding of nature, ecosystems, and the importance of nature conservation through preservation activities in nearby satoyama, or natural woodlands

Employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, together with their families, participate in these activities based on the following policies:

  1. In addition to serving as a steward, using woodlands as venues for achieving an instinctive feel for the abundance of nature through activities that include hands-on experience with agriculture and nature tours
  2. Making woodlands places where families can readily take part in activities, from children to adults
  3. Undertaking activities beneficial to landowners
  4. Ensuring that these activities take root in the local community through dialogue with community constituents

In addition to activities to care for the woodlands such as planting trees, clearing undergrowth, thinning forests, and maintaining bamboo-sprout and bamboo groves, participants also try their hand at farm work, including planting shiitake mushrooms (after making bed logs), rice, sweet potatoes, and peanuts. In fiscal 2004, a contract was finalized on these satoyama activities, based on Chiba Prefecture satoyama regulations. The activities have been carried out on a regular basis since fiscal 2006, with the number of participants increasing over time. These activities have now taken firm root in the community.

Planting ricePlanting rice

Harvest of organic vegetablesHarvesting organic vegetables

Clearing underbrushClearing underbrush

Tsukahara No Zokibayashi Wo Mamoru Kai Committee

The volunteer group Tsukahara No Zokibayashi Wo Mamoru Kai (“Save the Wooded Area of Tsukahara Committee”), made up of volunteer employees and retirees of Fuji Xerox and group companies, has been formed to restore wooded areas owned by Fuji Xerox at the Tsukahara Training Facility (in Minami-Ashigara City, Kanagawa Prefecture). The goal is to make these plots woodlands that can coexist with the local community, based on the characteristics of the environment near the site. The committee began work in March 2003, planting 1,070 seedlings together with members of the local community. Since then, the forested area has gradually expanded, as growing trees have been replanted. In December 2007, in addition to planting trees and clearing undergrowth, participants looked for discarded cicada cocoons and observed giant flying squirrels. Thanks to monthly activities, the seedlings planted the first year have now grown five-fold in thickness and height, with a survival rate exceeding 90% in the fifth year. In fiscal 2007, observers found seedlings that had sprouted from acorns dropped from the originally planted trees. Children from the local community now visit the woodland to collect stag beetles. Plans call for opening the woodland to the public for uses such as nature tours. It will also be used as an outdoor practice site in training sessions for nature guides undertaken once a year through a partnership between the Nature Conservation Society of Japan (NACS-J) and Fuji Xerox.

The fifth anniversary of tree-planting ceremonyTree-planting festivities held to mark the fifth year of the program

Planted acornPlanting acorns