Together with Local Communities/Environment / Green Road SIX

Together with Local Communities/Environment / Green Road SIX

Making Roppongi More Beautiful: Collaboration Between Local Companies and Citizens

Fuji Xerox is an active participant in “Green Road SIX”, a project to beautify Roppongi. The term "SIX" was adopted by taking the first letter of the three participating companies that have offices in Roppongi: Samsung Japan, IBM Japan, and Fuji Xerox.

“Green Road SIX” was launched in November 2005, and is now held three times a year, in April, July, and November, when approximately 200 volunteers from the 3 companies clean the streets of Roppongi. It is not only a project that focuses on the local community, but also one that promotes cooperation with other companies. Because of the opportunities to communicate with their counterparts from Samsung Japan and IBM Japan, many Fuji Xerox employees repeatedly participate in this volunteer activity. In the near future, we plan to collaborate with various companies around Tokyo Midtown, where our headquarters are now located, and to expand this into a “We Love Roppongi” club.

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