Small Social Contributions Can Be Made Just by Buying Sweets

“Okashiya (Confectuary) Palette” is an organization that provides a workplace for people with intellectual disabilities through the manufacturing and sales of sweets. Fuji Xerox provides opportunities every month for Okashiya Palette to sell their sweets at its facilities including headquarters. In addition to simply buying sweets helps to support the intellectually disabled, sales has been doing well with a reputation that the sweets actually are very delicious. Many employees purchase the sweets as a convenient method of social contribution.

These activities have generated publicity, and in some cases, our sales group comes to use these sweets as souvenirs at fairs it hosts in various areas. Many employees also say that it is good to be able to be close to the disabled. Sales people also say that it provides a good opportunity to think about the social contribution together with the customers. We would like to expand these activities much more in the future.


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