The Aspen Institute Japan

Improving One's Qualifications as a Leader

The Aspen Institute Japan was established in April 1998 with the purpose of fostering the next generation of Japanese leaders. With its seminars usually held in remote but beautiful environments, the Aspen Institute Japan provides these young leaders an opportunity to look toward the future by reexamining their ideas and values through reading Eastern and Western classics and having dialogue, as well as reflecting on current issues. Fuji Xerox supports its operation together with many other companies that share the same aspiration.

In a postwar period of rapid economic growth, the Japanese society put excessive emphasis on how-to, and as a result, became overly specialized, diversified, segmented, and in the end, trivialized. There is a necessity to change the ideas and behavior of the Japanese from one that is oriented towards extreme emphasis on how-to and technocracy that is sparse in "aspiration and soul" to something that is larger and more abundant, backed up by clear values and sense of purpose. Activities at the Aspen Institute Japan enable participants to improve their qualifications as a leader, including insight into human nature, broad viewpoints, intellect beyond one's expertise, reason, and decisiveness, by using "classics" as materials in "dialogue". At Fuji Xerox, we agree strongly with these ideas and support the Institute's activities through making donations, sending participants to seminars, and establishing cooperation between the Fuji Xerox Learning Institute and the Aspen Institute Japan.