Junior Achievement

Support for the World's Largest Nonprofit Private Organization (NPO) for Economic Education

Children listening to advice from volunteers

"Junior Achievement," which is the world's largest NPO for economic education (private and nonprofit) and was created in 1919 in the Unites States, provides various teaching materials and programs to schools free of cost, to help young people correctly understand social mechanisms and the workings of the economy and in a way so that they can make concrete decisions for their career paths and future plans based on their own will. Fuji Xerox has been providing facilities and supporting the production of educational materials for the activities of "Junior Achievement" ever since their Japanese headquarters was established in 1995.

Managing a "Student City" Program

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Fuji Xerox supports the management of a "Student City" program, a program where specially built mock stores are lined up and opened in empty classrooms at the Yashiominami Elementary School in Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, and the former Shigeno Junior High School in Kyoto City. To make fifth-year elementary school students understand the mechanism and roles of companies, and to increase their awareness as a member of society through having them experience the perspectives of both companies and consumers, we set up a "Fuji Xerox Color Printing Service" shop.

Children consulting with each other in a mock store

In addition to learning about face-to-face selling, which is a form of providing goods and services, the students also learned about paying rent as tenants, paying salaries to workers, setting prices, and managing profits by playing the roles of manager, salespeople, accountant, etc., as well as playing the role of the consumer one by one. Together with properly learning how society and the economy operate through work, this program provides an opportunity for allowing students to understand, through actual experience, how to help each other and live, as citizens who support society.

The Kyoto City Educational Committee is recruiting citizen volunteers.
For details, please visit http://www.edu.city.kyoto.jp/scfp/ (Japanese only)