The International University of Japan

Nurturing Future Leaders Who Prevail in Global Society

The International University of Japan (IUJ, located in Uonuma-cho, Niigata Prefecture) is a graduate school, with the main purpose to develop human resources who possess specialized and practical knowledge as well as a high level of understanding necessary for contribution to the international community. The IUJ serves global public interests by fostering leaders who can contribute to resolving global issues that people from various parts of the world, as well as organizations, such as governments, corporations, and NGOs are faced with. For this purpose, the IUJ provides a place for studies and researches to garner deeper understanding towards different cultures and human empathy, while acquiring specialized knowledge and skills relating to politics, economics, and business administration.

The International University of Japan has received recognition from within and outside of Japan as a graduate school characterized by intensive education for a small-sized student body comprised of foreign students and students dispatched by companies. Fuji Xerox has been providing support to foster global human resources ever since the university's foundation in 1982.