Fuji Xerox Print Collection

Collecting and Exhibiting Prints from around the World

Fuji Xerox collects and exhibits print works as works of art having deep ties to copying and documents, the company's core businesses. Since 1988, the company has assiduously collected wood-block prints created by artisans and artists from the start of the 20th century. Today, its collection is one of Japan's leading print collections, comprising over 900 works by more than 200 artists.

In addition to lending works to exhibitions nationwide, Fuji Xerox also exhibits the works to the general public in a gallery opened in 2003.

Details of Major Activities

In response to societal demand, Fuji Xerox lends works of art for events such as exhibitions held by art museums nationwide. In addition, as part of its research activities, Fuji Xerox publishes the Fuji Xerox Art Bulletin (Pb) research journal once annually. This journal features papers written by scholars in areas of art with deep links to the print collection. The primary goal is to deepen public awareness and understanding of the Fuji Xerox collection. A secondary goal is to promote public understanding of art through a forum in which young and established scholars can announce research results. The forum provided by such a journal is all the more vital given the relatively few such alternatives currently available.

See below for more information on the gallery's exhibition and research activities.