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Picture of DAIWA LIFE PLUS Co., Ltd.

From "expanded" employment to "sustained" employment
Building a stable work environment at a special-purpose subsidiary


Striving to create new value through the advantages of diversity... This desire is embodied in the companies name DAIWA LIFE PLUS Co., Ltd. They continue to pursue their business vision; "to always create new value for society."

Address 6-3-9 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established February 1, 2011
Representative Junko Ishizaki, President and Representative Director
Capital 10 million yen
Employees 28 (25 with disabilities)
Disability Physical 11 (8 severely disabled)
Mental 3 (1 severely disabled)
Psychological 11
(as of August 1, 2012)
Businesses Operations related to general office processing such as printing, binding, copy services, data entry, and digitalization of materials
Parent company DAIWA LIFENEXT Co., Ltd.



  • Employment of people with disabilities was expanded by formulating the Diversity Promotion Team and achieving the 1.8% employment ratio stipulated by law
  • A special-purpose subsidiary aiming for a stable workplace for people with disabilities was established
  • Digitalization, printing, and office work substitution business adopted upon visiting other companies and internal feedback

Points of Introduction

  • Necessary productivity and functions for the predicted printing business
  • Detailed support such as proposals that understand the business background
  • After-care service system providing security


  • External procurement costs reduced by printing materials internally such as business cards and direct mailings
  • Contribution to expanding stable employment for people with disabilities
  • Contribution to the parent company through business services


DAIWA LIFENEXT Co., Ltd., a company whose primary business is apartment and building management for the Daiwa House Group, formed a Diversity Promotion Team within the Human Resource Department to promote a workplace environment suited for people with disabilities. DAIWA LIFENEXT achieved the 1.8% employment ratio for people with disabilities stipulated by the law after three years. Following the "expanded employment," the special-purpose subsidiary DAIWA LIFE PLUS Co., Ltd. was established to achieve "sustained employment." Efforts are made in creating a secure working environment for employees such as those with disabilities as well as those who are busy having or raising children.

Picture of Management philosophy displayed in the office

Management philosophy displayed in the office

Based on the belief that eliminating the insecurities of employees as being vital in sustaining employment, DAIWA LIFE PLUS has revised various polices such as the ways to handle transitions from temporary employment to permanent employment as well as introducing a pay raise system. Furthermore, instead of evaluating their employees performance based only on results, they have introduced evaluation standards that also focuses on work processes in order to motivate employees in their work.

DAIWA LIFE PLUS also aims to be a "workplace where one can feel his/her enjoyment in work" while valuing each individual in their daily operations through initiatives which include providing detailed counseling and close internal communication.

Following tours to other special-purpose subsidiaries and companies, and upon obtaining opinions from internal departments, Daiwa decided to pursue following three business areas upon establishing the special-purpose subsidiary.

  • Digitization business
    Digitization of apartment floor plans and contracts
  • Printing business
    On-demand Printing of business cards and pamphlets
  • Office work substitution business
    Data entry, filing, and sorting mail

Among these areas of business, On-demand Printing, as the core factor of their Printing business, was determined to be capable of securing the necessary amount of work to promote the employment of people with disabilities. This was concluded from the activities seen at many other special-purpose subsidiaries, in addition to the potential to reduce external procurement costs through in-house production, such as the printing business cards.

Picture of Employees enjoying the upbeat, welcoming work atmosphere (1)Picture of Employees enjoying the upbeat, welcoming work atmosphere (2)Picture of Employees enjoying the upbeat, welcoming work atmosphere (3)

Employees enjoying the upbeat, welcoming work atmosphere

Points of Introduction

The DocuColor 5151 P was selected as the printer for On-demand Printing considering the predicted production quantities, features such as saddle-stitch printing, and usability for people with disabilities. The customers responsible for deciding what printer to introduce had the following to say.

"The Fuji Xerox representative work with us closely in understanding the special-purpose subsidiary we aimed to establish, introducing examples of employment of disabled people and even proposing ways to expand our printing business after implementation. This encouraging support is a big reason we chose the DocuColor 5151 P." (Hiroki Takahashi, General Team Leader)

"Because printing services rely on timelines and strict deadlines, a reliably substantial post-introduction services, which allows our worry-free use of devices, is an important factor. We are also happy with the usability as well as the image quality, and the ability to bundle print job data stored on the PX Print Server into a single job." (Noriyuki Eguchi, Office Center Team Leader)


Picture of On-demand printer DocuColor 5151 P

On-demand printer DocuColor 5151 P

DAIWA LIFE PLUS started printing business cards in small lots and gradually built a reputation which slowly became recognized by their parent company. As a result of establishing a system that enables each department of the parent company to smoothly place orders, DAIWA LIFE PLUS now handles large quantity printing directly from each department.

Currently, the number of sheets printed by the DocuColor 5151 P exceeds 60,000 per month on average. The business is steadily evolving into a service which contributes to reducing external procurement costs of the parent company while fulfilling their original purpose to expand stable employment for people with disabilities.

On-demand Printing samples

Picture of Training booklet for management

Training booklet for management

Picture of Business cards of Group companies

Business cards of Group companies

Picture of Information for new residents

Information for new residents

Picture of Company profile

Company profile

Future Vision

Currently the printing business primarily consists of business cards and single orders. However, they are proposing to internally produce periodically issued materials, such as in-house newsletters, to further expand the printing business in the future. DAIWA LIFE PLUS has also adopted the DocuCentre-IV C2263 which has a low control panel that can be used by people in wheelchairs. While expand their business through further enhancement in digitization, they are further promoting a workplace where employees respect each other's individuality, utilize their strengths and compensate their weaknesses, regardless of whether they are disabled or not.

"We want DAIWA LIFE PLUS to be a company people say they want to work at. An environment allowing employees who want to excel is a plus for both the individual and the company." (Hiroki Takahashi)

Picture of DAIWA LIFE PLUS Co., Ltd. General Team Leader Hiroki Takahashi

General Team Leader
Hiroki Takahashi

Picture of DAIWA LIFE PLUS Co., Ltd. Office Center Team Leader Noriyuki Eguchi

Office Center Team Leader
Noriyuki Eguchi

Adopted product


  • The contents of this case study is as of August 2012.