Customer Case Studies - Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd.

Picture of Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd.

Broadening possibilities and expectations of the disabled people, with a work-friendly "On-demand Printing" environment.


Heartful Kawauchi offers a friendly work environment for disabled people, based on their philosophical keywords of "independence, " "creation," "corroboration," "dreams," and "affection." Their mission is to become a progressive company that can tackle future possibilities and hopes of handicapped people through activities that lead to their establishment in local communities.

Address 108-4 Hiraishi-Wakamatsu, Kawauchi-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushiima
Established October 3, 2011
Representative Naoki Nishino, President, Representative Director
Capital 2.5 million yen
Employees 22 (15 employees with disabilities)
Disability Physical 8 (7 severely disabled)
Mental 7
Businesses Office support
(Printing, IT, Delivery depts.)
Parent company Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Address 2-9 Kanda-Tsukasamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Established August 10, 1964
Representative Taro Iwamoto, President, Representative Director
Capital 20 billion yen
Employees 5,701 (as of March 31, 2012)
Businesses Manufacturing, distribution, sales, import, and export of pharmaceuticals, clinical testing equipment, medical equipment, food products, cosmetics
Business premises 17 branch offices 51 district offices (in Japan)
Research facilities 5 locations (18 depts.), 7 factories



  • A special-purpose subsidiary was established to assist the full potential of people with disabilities more easily and to promote employment.
  • The aim is to nurture and achieve employment stability of people with disabilities as well as being economically healthy as a company.
  • Printing, IT, and delivery departments were established as office support businesses.

Points of Introduction

  • Practical advice related to employing people with disabilities was obtained from the Document Service Center
  • High-quality printing can be easily produced without any specialized knowledge.
  • Various types of paper can be used and finished samples produced using the actual paper used for the final product.


  • Tight deadlines required by customers can be complied to.
  • A wider variety of proposals can be provided by raising the motivation of creators
  • Samples of various ideas are created and used for business proposals


As a pharmaceutical company that contributes to the health of people, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been considering the employment of people with disabilities. For the purpose of promoting the employment of people with disabilities and in supporting these people in applying their full potential more easily, Otsuka established the special-purpose subsidiary Heartful Kawakuchi Co., Ltd.

In establishing this special-purpose subsidiary, a project was first implemented to observe existing welfare facilities, other special-purpose subsidiaries, and companies employing people with disabilities. They learned about the significance and approach to working with disabled people, the necessary precautions when formulating various regulations such as for business deployment and employment policies.

One of the activities included a tour of the Document Service Center (DSC) at Fuji Xerox Shutoken Co. Ltd.. At DSC, disabled employees provide various in-company services related to documents. This tour provided a significant effect to the establishment of the special-purpose subsidiary since the project was able to acquire invaluable information, such as from the activities in employing people with disabilities and the building of a support system.

In addition, Heartful Kawauchi recognized that providing employment, nurturing/ stabilizing the employment of people with severe disabilities, as well as achieving the economic health of this independent company are all required. As a result, the following three departments were established as office support businesses by considering what operations employees with disabilities would be responsible, what operations could be detached from the parent company, as well as how to increase revenue thereafter.

  • Printing Dept.
    On-demand printing of business cards, postcards, greetings, pamphlets, flyers, etc.
  • IT Dept.
    Creating to maintenance of homepages, data entry, and graph creation, etc.
  • Delivery Dept.
    Mailing services for employees of Otsuka Pharmaceutical, creating, printing, filing, and delivery to venues of training materials

Points of Introduction

In result of the tour to DSC made prior to the establishment of Heartful Kawauchi, "On-demand Printing" was chosen as the main business pillar of the printing operations. This was because they anticipated that high quality printing could be easily achieved without special knowledge or technology, and that small lot printing and tight deadlines could be supported.

The 700 Digital Color Press was introduced as the printer for On-demand Printing for its high productivity and high quality in printing large quantities. The service consists primarily of printing business cards, postcards, greetings, and pamphlets.

The greatest benefit for Heartful Kawauchi, which supports customer needs with speed, not only for printing existing data but also original editorial design, is the ability to easily produce finished samples with actual paper to used for the final product, which consists of various thicknesses.

Hiromune Yamanoi, Chief Designer of the Operations Department commented, "I am happy we can support customers needs, especially by being able to use thick paper even for business cards. I am also satisfied with the quality because we can accommodate two-sided printing beautifully."


Heartful Kawauchi is able to comply with tight deadlines and provide high quality products as required by customers, made possible by the introduction of the 700 Digital Color Press. Creators these products are more motivated because they can check the final product with their own hands. This also helps in providing business proposals because ideas can quickly be formed into samples while texture of paper, as well as the differences in color, can all be checked.

Employees in wheelchairs can also use the 700 Digital Color Press. The optional high capacity feeder does not need frequent replenishing, and therefore reduces the amount of labor

Picture of 700 Digital Color Press

Picture of optional high capacity feeder

The ApeosPort-IV was also introduced because it is a lower-height multifunction device that is easy to use for people in wheelchairs

Picture of ApeosPort-IV C3375 UD model

Sample of a new attempt: On-Demand Printing

Picture of Memorial retirement album filled with each employees memories

Memorial retirement album filled with each employees memories

Picture of Pamphlets friendly to people who have trouble distinguishing colors

Pamphlets friendly to people who have trouble distinguishing colors

Future Vision

Valuing the company philosophy of normalization, which aims to achieve a society of people with disabilities and able-bodied people to live equally, the employees at this company are successfully building collaborative relationships. Naoki Nishino, President and Representative Officer says, "Our employees with disabilities have often brought us much vitality." The employees have now created teams that brainstorm ideas in developing new business such as highly valued memorial type printing in small amounts. Nishino continued saying, "We wish to provide opportunities that utilize the full potential of people with disabilities by introducing policies such as telecommuting as well as developing business growth with a multitude of ideas."

Picture of Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd. President, Representative Director Naoki Nishino

Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd.
President, Representative Director
Naoki Nishino

Picture of Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd. Chief Designer of the Operations Division Hiromune Yamanoi

Heartful Kawauchi Co., Ltd.
Chief Designer of the Operations Division
Hiromune Yamanoi

Fuji Xerox Shutoken Co., Ltd. Document Service Center

Picture of Document Service Center

We strive for our members independence and happiness to their work with business cards and promotional material creation as their primary business by sharing internal operations and On-demand Printing.

Picture of Takashi Kageyama Document Service Center, CSR, Fuji Xerox Shutoken Co., Ltd.

Takashi Kageyama
Document Service Center, CSR, Fuji Xerox Shutoken Co., Ltd.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical visited our company when establishing their special-purpose subsidiary. I am very happy that Heartful Kawauchi's business is expanding wonderfully. We will always strive toward becoming a progressive company.