Customer Case Studies - Nagoya UniversityWork Support Office, Personnel Affairs Division, General Affairs Department

Picture of Enforce information transmission capacity by printing materials internally, and Utilize the capability of persons with disabilities increasing a place to work



  • Nagoya University wanted to enforce university’s information transmission capacity by internally printing and binding on campus and considered, but securing human resources was an issue.
  • The Work Support Office was established to promote the employment of disabled people, and considered whether it could further expand a place to utilize their capability.
  • The Document Center was established to realize “enforcement of information transmission capacity” and “utilizing of human resources” as a USR activity, not just cost reduction.

Points of Introduction

  • High-quality booklets and printed materials can be produced.
  • Services to support for operation of the center
  • High-operability on-demand printers and Web ordering system


  • High-quality printed materials were highly evaluated by clients, and the amount of works also increased.
  • Work assistant’s motivation was raised by client’s gratitude.
  • Business quality of work assistants was improved through production of various printed materials.
  • Note The contents of this case study is as of March 2013.