Customer Case Studies - Panasonic Ecology Systems Kyoei Co., Ltd.

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  • In 1980, Panasonic Ecology Systems Kyoei Co., Ltd. was established as the 5th special-purpose subsidiary in Japan.
  • The specification of ventilating fans varies, and the system capable of responding to high-mix low-volume production was requested for printing work.
  • They introduced On-demand printers, but complicated operations increased the burden of the field site and caused printing errors.

Points of Introduction

  • Order data from parent company can be directly incorporated in the system and collectively sent to On-demand printers
  • Output can be automatically sorted into four On-demand printers.
  • The amount of printing and the processing time can be graphed to grasp per delivery date.


  • Automation of printing directions completely eliminates printing errors.
  • Sharing printing orders in the server eliminates “dependency on printer,” and simplifying operations promotes standardization and manpower saving of businesses.
  • The amount of printing can be predicted, resulting in a reduction of working overtime.
  • Note The contents of this case study is as of October 2012.