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Picture of Actively Employ People with Severe Disabilities as a “Home Worker”Build an Environment Enabling Disabled People to Fulfill Their Potential



  • A special-purpose subsidiary was established to actively develop the employment activity of people with disabilities a parent company, Qol Co., Ltd., had performed
  • Actively employ people with severe disabilities as a “home worker” and act
  • Consider upper models with a view to print materials internally while improving productivity

Points of Introduction

  • High productivity and quality
  • Utilize a server to control colors and expand products
  • Reliable printer and maintenance service


  • Improvement of productivity and achievement of short delivery
  • Cost-cutting by printing internally
  • Because of high-quality printing that can aim orders from inside and outside groups, the expansion of printing business in the future is expected
  • Note The contents of this case study is as of August 2013.