Customer Case Studies - QOL-Assist CO., LTD.


QOL-Assist CO., LTD. was established in February 2009 to actively develop the employment activity of people with disabilities a parent company, Qol Co., Ltd., has performed. In March 2009, QOL-Assist CO., LTD. was approved as a “special-purpose subsidiary” of Qol Co., Ltd. and made a new start.

There are various patterns for employment of people with disabilities, but QOL-Assist CO., LTD. actively employs people with severe disabilities who had a few opportunities to work as a “home worker” and acts.

There are 29 home workers now. They mainly enter data of group companies and create Web pages and illustration design. For communication with home workers considered to be an issue, QOL-Assist CO., LTD. introduces a multipoint communication system, “Workwel Communicator ®” (product made by Oki Workwel Co., Ltd.) Note 1, to handle it. They divide members into groups based on their works and adopt a method to finally make the best thing by sharing information and techniques not only among group members but also among groups.

At the beginning of establishment, printing business was to print the business cards and flyers of group companies, and it was sufficiently handled by On-demand printer DocuColor 1257 GA. However, printing orders increased and the printing machine got in full operation, and they have worked all through the night for a few days. In this way, the orders of printing business have steadily increased in less than a year and the increase in the future is expected, so they decided to consider upper models with a view to print materials internally while improving productivity.

Points of Introduction

Picture of smoothly communicating among office and homes by sharing voice, text, and dataUtilize multipoint communication system “Workwel Communicator®” by Oki Workwel Co., Ltd. to connect the office with homes and smoothly communicate by sharing voice, text, and data

The requirements of introduction are speed and quality. It was also good that Fuji Xerox 700 Digital Color Press has speed and quality and can control colors by the server. Now, members learn how to use the server and conduct business utilizing the performance of 700 Digital Color Press.

In addition, it was a major point that the machine is a compact size because the installation site is small, and the after-sale service and maintenance of Fuji Xerox are good. Since strictly meeting deadlines is a fundamental rule for printing business, in addition to high reliability of On-demand printer, the prevention of machine failures by regular maintenance and responsive support are very helpful.


Picture of on-demand print samples.Sample of On-Demand Printing

Thanks to the understanding of the management in our group companies, we have more and more requests of printing materials. When there is a printing material, “they became to consult QOL-Assist CO., LTD. at first and check if we can print.”

Also, for printing materials, we cannot carry stocks of them because addresses and contacts can be changed sometimes. Therefore, we handled with On-demand Printing favorable to small lot and various kind printing and achieved quick delivery and low cost.

Future Prospects

Picture of operation 700 Digital Color Press.Use On-demand printer 700 Digital Color Press to output a document designed by an employee working from home and maximize its feature to expand printing business

We aim to accept more orders of various businesses and the printing of business cards from our group companies. Now, we use folders to manage business cards, but if the number of business card orders grows, we hope to introduce the business card management system to prepare a system that can immediately deliver.

Booklet printing materials are received well and we aim to accept orders from companies other than our group companies. If QOL-Assist CO., LTD. can design and print, we can almost handle small lot printing materials.

Also, we would like to increase the printing of small objects such as greeting cards as well as New Year’s cards and are considering the preparation of post-processing machines.

We plan to expand the range of products in this way, control each cost of them, and reduce the costs of our group companies while making a profit of our company.

Therefore, it will become difficult for home workers alone to sufficiently handle in the near future. For example, we are thinking about hiring more people who can commute to the business facility at headquarters to expand working places.

Additionally, we plan to expand the requirement areas of home workers. Currently, we adopt people from Hokkaido to Miyazaki, but areas where home workers live are not considered as long as infrastructure is prepared. We think there are potentially so many people who want to work, but cannot work outside the home, and who think there is no home business and give up working.

For such people, QOL-Assist CO., LTD. will make further efforts to create employment opportunities for disabled people, actively undertake new businesses, and build an environment to improve skills.

  • Note The contents of this case study is as of August 2013.