Consideration within our products

Image of Universal Design Book

The universal design of our products has been summarized in an easy to understand booklet.

Main product features

A user can set a document, scan, and copy in a comfortable sitting posture by using a USB cable to connect DocuScan C4260 / C3210, a full color scanner, to ApeosPort-V C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376 / C2276 or DocuCentre-V C7776 / C6676 / C5576 / C4476 / C3376 / C2276 and placing the scanner on the desk.
People in wheelchairs can also operate it in a relaxed way.

Picture of short model

DocuCentre-IV C2263 / C2263 N has a 2-tray short model that can be neatly placed at the side of the desk and enables the user to smoothly work on a chair.
The model allows a person at the reception desk of banks, government offices, and hospitals as well as companies to work without leaving their seat too often and improves operational efficiency.

DocuWorks 8 enables you to listen to the voiced content of paper documents by scanning them into a computer and applying OCR (Supplemental 2). It allows you to read more easily by enlarging text.

  • Screen reading out software(Supplemental 3) is separately needed.
  • Documents that can be read out are DocuWorks document (xdw) and DocuWorks binder (xbd).

Supplemental 1

  • Usable copy functions are limited because documents read by a scanner are output from a multifunction device. The image quality is also different from the one copied by a multifunction device.

Supplemental 2

  • OCR treatment can be used for only type. OCR treatment of handwriting characters is not supported.

Supplemental 3

  • The software verified by Fuji Xerox is JAWS for Windows (ver.14 of English version / ver.12 of Japanese version).

Sheet introducing accessibility friendly products

This is the standard format to introduce office equipment suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities. This sheet is published according to the technical report JBMIA-TR-15 issued by the Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association.


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