System for Supporting Employee Participation in Society

At Fuji Xerox, we believe voluntary participation by employees in society leads to personal growth and satisfaction for each employee, as well as revitalization and growth of the company.

To this end, we have adopted the following specific activities and systems to support social participation by employees.


The HASU Club is a volunteer organization formed and managed by Fuji Xerox employees and retirees.

Social Service Leave

Employee on Social Service Leave teaching children about the Special Olympics

Social Service Leave: Leave for Self-Selected Volunteer Activities for up to Two Years

Fuji Xerox was the first company in Japan to adopt a system of Social Service Leave. It allows employees to apply for a leave of between 3 to 24 months to join social service activities, such as volunteer work at social welfare facilities or JICA's Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program. During the leave, employees are entitled to receive financial support equivalent to their salaries and bonus payments.

Volunteer Day Off

Taking volunteer days off to join a volunteer camp abroad

Fuji Xerox started its Volunteer Day Off program in 1993, where employees can use their "reserved leave," or an accumulation of up to 60 days worth of unused paid leave for which the validity dates have expired, for up to 5 days a month to take a short-term volunteer leave.

The program is used in various styles and for various activities. Some participate in a weekday volunteer event, some spend a whole week to work for the Special Olympics or assist reconstruction efforts in disaster-hit areas, and others join volunteer camps abroad.

Leafx Social Activities Portal Site

Sharing Social Contribution Activity Information across the Company

In 2014, we repositioned the "Leafx"Note 1 in-house portal site to serve as the companywide platform for sharing information on our social contribution activities and redesigned the site accordingly. This portal site features information on companywide social contribution activities led by headquarters as well as local activities taken under the initiatives of the respective entities. The activities described on the site focus on our key social contribution activity themes of "education for future generations" and "conservation of diminishing cultures and information", as well as on our ongoing initiative, namely, "support for reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake". The site aims to raise the awareness of our employees toward social contribution activities and provide various opportunities for them to become involved.

By sharing information on activity plans, activity reports, and case studies via the Leafx portal site, we seek to enhance and encourage social activities by Fuji Xerox, its affiliated companies, and their employees.

  • Note 1 Leafx stands for "Love Earth Action Fuji Xerox.

Donation Website for Fuji Xerox and Its Affiliates Employees

In 2013, we created a donation website for all employees of Fuji Xerox and its domestic affiliates. This donation website enables our employees to offer financial contribution in a fast and easy manner in the wake of a major natural disaster or emergency event.

When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011, donations for survivors were made by many employees via bank transfer or collection boxes installed in the company. With the creation of this donation site, the complex job of tallying cash donations collected from various channels is no longer needed. The website also makes it easy to manage how much donation is collected, how much is distributed to whom and for what purposes.

Since its launch in fiscal 2013, we have provided funds collected via the site to support victims of the Yaan earthquake (in Sichuan, China), the Philippines typhoon, the Zhaotong earthquake (in Yunnan, China), the Nepal earthquake, and the Kumamoto earthquake.