Leafx (Love Earth Action Fuji Xerox)

Expanding the Foundations for Employee Participation in Environmental-Conservation and Social-Contribution Activities

Fuji Xerox believes in the essential nature of support that allows employees to volunteer in activities to reduce environmental impact and to contribute to society. To this end, it is active in the Leafx program, whose aim is to provide all employees, broadly defined, with opportunities to take part in social-contribution and environmental-conservation activities at work, in their communities, and at home. These efforts help sharpen awareness of how easily individuals can contribute to social friendly activities and help put such activities into practice.

Fuji Xerox also provides numerous programs in which more employees can readily take part. Examples include the Million People’s Candle Night program, a photo contest, and a LeafX contest for employee volunteer efforts.

Under a volunteer point system adopted in fiscal 2008, employees earn points according to the programs in which they take part. Companies, business facilities, and individuals who earn many points are recognized through awards and prizes, including eco-friendly products. The company also donates to UNICEF and WWF a monetary amount corresponding to the total number of points earned by all participants.

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