System that Supports Volunteering By Employees

The "HASU Club," is an organization organized and managed by Fuji Xerox employees to carry out social contribution activities. In 1990, at a "Society Contribution Committee" organized by the company and participated in by employees, the "HASU Club," was established as a platform for society contribution activities. As of the end of March 2015, the Club had about 4,000 members, not only from Fuji Xerox but also from Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology, Fuji Xerox Manufacturing, and Fuji Xerox Service Creative. The funds are collected from these employees continuously, a total of 14 times per year, through the deduction of fractional amounts of less than 100 yen from their monthly paychecks and periodic bonuses, in addition to personal contribution (in increments of 100, where contributions are arbitrary and can be made anywhere between a range of 100 yen to 9,900 yen). Alternatively, the contribution also can be made as an annual membership fee of 3,000 yen or above per year. These funds are then used effectively in the five fields of "social welfare," "culture and education," "natural environment," "international aid," and "support for recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake," which are deemed necessary by the members.

"Matching Gifts" Made by the Company

Though the amount of contributions made by each person is small, by having a large member of employees participate continuously in this project, contribution adds up to a rather large amount, and contributes greatly to society. The funds are used as donations to various NPOs and voluntary groups recommended by members and approved by the Steering Committee, as well as to cover costs for volunteer programs planned and managed by the members themselves. In addition, when these funds are donated to external organizations, Fuji Xerox donates the same amount of money ("matching gifts") on top of these funds. In fiscal 2015, the HASU Club made donations worth 5.75 million yen to 77 organizations, with the Company matching the amount.

Introduction of Actual Activities

The HASU Club operates its programs through its four working groups as described in the following examples.

Social Welfare Group "Welfare Facility Gift Program"

Making assortments of goods that were made at welfare facilities

The Social Welfare group promotes activities to realize a society where people with disabilities can lead fulfilling everyday lives. One of the activities carried out by this group is the "Welfare Facilities Gift Program". The concept for this program, started in 1997, is a "double gift", where the HASU Club purchases goods made at welfare facilities throughout Japan, and after creating assortments using various goods from different regions, donates them back to other facilities for use at their bazaars. The facilities commended that in addition to providing variety at these bazaars, which tend to feature the same kinds of goods, this program also gives opportunities for them to discover interesting concepts of making goods by other facilities.

Culture and Education Group "Support for Watching the Fuji Xerox Super Cup"

Children watching the Fuji Xerox Super Cup

Fuji Xerox sponsors the Fuji Xerox Super Cup soccer competition. The HASU Club invites children with disabilities and their families to this annual event and helps them enjoy watching the games by attending them throughout the day by picking them up at and sending them off to the station. In fiscal 2015, the Club participated in volunteer activities to support the Kanagawa competition organized by Special Olympics Nippon and the summer festival named "Kobe Fureai Natsumatsuri." The Club intends to continue this volunteer activity on an ongoing basis.

Natural Environment Group "Becoming Closer to the Natural Environment"

Nature tour

Interaction with nature is fundamental when thinking about natural conservation. According to the Nature Conservation Society of Japan proposal the Natural Environment Group hosts "Nature Tours Whenever, Wherever, and by Whomever Available" in Japan. Those tours in and around the Kanto regions are usually organized by the HASU Club alone, while most tours in other areas are operated jointly with its sponsored parties. The HASU Club believes that these nature tours will help participants understand the importance of conserving the natural environment, which is an important step toward passing on nature to future generations. We also visit sponsored parties across Japan and communicate with the staff of those parties to recognize environmental protection issues anew. Their passion often inspires us to take our activities to an even higher level of quality.

International Aids Group "International aids in Asia"

Visit to an orphanage in Korea

Overseas activities by the HASU Club started with digging wells in the Philippines in June 1994. Afterwards, the International Aids Group conducted home-stays and worked together with local communities to plant trees in the Philippines and in the Loess Plain in China. Based on these experiences, those at Group have felt deeply that education for children is key to promote self-reliance in Asia, and in October 2004, the International Aids Group donated funds for building an elementary school in Cambodia. Since then, the Group members visited the school several times and continued their support for local children. The HASU Club has expanded its overseas activities year by year. Recent new programs include the donation of used bicycles to Vietnam in collaboration with its sponsored parties.