Social Service Leave

A “Social Service Leave” that Allows Employees to Decide on a Theme and Take a Leave for Up to 2 Years

Teaching children about the Special OlympicsTeaching children about the Special Olympics

If Fuji Xerox employees want to participate in social work activities, it is possible to apply for a sabbatical and take a leave for a period between 3 months to 2 years. During volunteer leaves, salaries and bonuses are paid as financial assistance.

When Fuji Xerox first announced its social service leave in 1990, there were concerns over whether it was really necessary for a company to take approaches to such an extent. On the other hand, there was also voiced concern as to whether there were really going to be employees taking such leaves. Suffice to say, 41 employees have taken advantage of our social service leaves up until now. Currently, 2 people are on social service leave. One is participating in the JICA Senior Overseas Volunteer program, and is promoting awareness towards the environment at a company in Mexico. The other employee is supporting the Special Olympics, which is a sports festival for people with intellectual disabilities, by volunteering at the offices for the NPO Special Olympics Nippon.

The number of employees taking social service leave in recent years is as follows.
2002: 2 employees
2003: 1 employee
2004: 1 employee
2005: 2 employees
2006: (2 employees currently on leave)