Organization and Systems

Management Organization

Based on our corporate direction and strategies, we have established a managerial framework that fully reflects our customers' voices and a system of meetings and committees that ensure prompt decision-making for managing the operations of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates.

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Corporate Governance

Fuji Xerox believes contributing widely to our stakeholders, including society, our customers, shareholders and employees, to be the company's raison d'etre. In fiscal 1998, we enacted a Mission Statement and Shared Values to define the course of overall corporate management and as guidelines for decision-making. Corporate governance comprises the framework for realizing these philosophies.

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Risk Management

Fuji Xerox defines risk management as control by management through identifying risk-related events, assessing the likelihood and its impact, deciding on and implementing appropriate countermeasures, communicating and reporting relevant information, and monitoring results and correcting problems.

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Ethics and Compliance

In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, which goes without saying, taking the right actions based on common sense and ethics and taking independent and honest actions based on sound morals are basic values shared by all employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates. We believe that attaching importance to ethics and compliance in every aspect of our business activities and striving to create new values will enable us to grow and eventually lead to winning society's trust.

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Information Disclosure and Information Security

Fuji Xerox has Information Disclosure Guidelines to ensure the transparency and fairness of management and corporate information and actively respond to the information disclosure needs of our stakeholders. At the same time, and given the current social situation, we strive to promote effective utilization of information as a resource while protecting it.

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