Good Company Concept

In fiscal 1992, Fuji Xerox announced its Good Company Concept on which our management is based. Under this concept, a good company should be ‘strong’, ‘kind’ and ‘interesting’. A ‘strong’ company delivers excellent products and services that satisfy customers, and also reward its shareholders on an ongoing basis. A ‘kind’ company contributes to local and global communities in terms of environmental conservation, ethical behavior, and social contribution. Employees find their life and work fulfilling at an ‘interesting’ company. Fuji Xerox aims to be a company with a good balance of all three attributes.

Fuji Xerox's Good Company Concept

Corporate Quality

From generation to generation, Fuji Xerox's top management has held the belief that a corporation exists to provide society with economic values, social values, human values, and other useful values. In order to pass this belief on to future generations, we have created the Good Company Concept, by which we aim to be a company that is ‘strong', ‘kind' and ‘interesting', and have published a Mission Statement that imposes us to provide wide-ranging values as a mission of the company; and we have placed these ideas at the heart of our management.
Corporate Quality is the quality that a corporation needs in order to actualize those ideas. We believe that the essence of Corporate Quality lies in sharing a strong will to integrate economic, social and human values that are sometimes in contradiction with each other, and in developing the attributes and ability to produce new knowledge that will overcome such contradictions. We will continue to pursue the challenge of improving our Corporate Quality.