CSR Initiatives by Our Affiliates around the World

Fuji Xerox Is the Stage Where We Interact with Society

Fuji Xerox does business in Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and the officers and employees at our affiliates in various countries and regions around the world who share the basic values of Fuji Xerox are implementing CSR initiatives in line with the needs of local communities.

Initiatives at other affiliates can be found on our website:

Fuji Xerox Miyagi, Fuji Xerox Kitanihon

Printing Smiling Portraits for Miyagi's Recovery

In the areas hardest hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake, while restoration of infrastructure is making progress, people still have a long way to go to recover their peace of mind. Wanting to do something to cheer the local community on after the disaster, Fuji Xerox Miyagi launched a "Happy Memory Prints" campaign in which employees attended the Christmas parties held that year in the temporary housing and gave the partygoers photographs of themselves printed on calendar paper on the spot.
Over the two and a half years since then, these activities with a personal touch have been arranged on 32 occasions, especially at recovery-related events in Higashimatsushima City, and altogether 135 employees of Fuji Xerox Miyagi and Fuji Xerox Kitanihon have donated their own time, mainly on weekends. It is heartening to the employees themselves when a one-of-a-kind personalized portrait calendar is greeted with a child's big grin or an elderly per son' s warm smile. Maintaining their close rapport with the community, both affiliates will carry on these activities in support of reconstruction.

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)

To Grow with Hong Kong: Greener Future Art Exhibition

Hong Kong's shortage of landfill space has become a big issue in recent years. With the aim of raising public awareness of the environment and support for the coming generation, in partnership with the Children's Heart Foundation, which assists children with heart disease and their families, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) organized an art workshop featuring used parts of Fuji Xerox products.
Over a hundred people attended the workshop, including volunteers from the company's staff and 29 children, who enjoyed painting four installations made out of over 300 used parts under the direction of renowned artists Tsui Sin Tsang, Ahtsui and Tsui Shek Pang, Allan. The artworks were then exhibited to the public, providing over 5,000 visitors in ten days with an experience that was both fun and offered an opportunity to think about the environment.
Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) remains committed to act on its awareness of community issues.

Fuji Xerox Fukuoka

The Community Gets in Tune with Pro Musicians with Intellectual Disabilities

Every year, Fuji Xerox Fukuoka hosts a concert by the Joy Club Music Ensemble, whose musicians have intellectual disabilities. They make up a professional band managed by Joy Club, a welfare service corporation for people with disabilities. The company began to sponsor these concerts as a thank-you to its customers, and in 2014 the eleventh in the series drew an audience of 1,100. Twenty-eight musicians took the stage, with 47 volunteers from Fuji Xerox Fukuoka's staff providing support at the venue.
The concert was a gala occasion for the performers and a major event for Joy Club, and the invited customers expressed their pleasure with comments such as "It's moving to see the band playing as pro musicians in spite of their disabilities," and "It's great that your employees volunteer their services every time." Fuji Xerox Fukuoka plans to go on hosting this long-running program which has won a place in the hearts of the local community.

Fuji Xerox Vietnam

Feeling Society’s Pain as a Member of the Community

In Vietnam, government support for vulnerable members of society has not kept abreast of the country's rapid population growth. Fuji Xerox Vietnam has thus extended its activities for vulnerable members in Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi as well.
In October 2013, 27 staff volunteers visited the Rehabilitation Center for Elderly People and Disabled Children in Hanoi in a suburb of the city. In addition to supplies donated by the company, they delivered secondhand clothing and gifts that the staff themselves had provided; they also spent time with the children and elderly, weeding the garden and enjoying recreational activities together.
The employees came away very motivated by knowing how happy their visit made people at the Center, and they have already made further visits in fiscal 2014.

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