Engagement with Customers

Our Ideal

Fuji Xerox will provide values that meet customer expectations and contribute to the sustainable development of customers and stakeholders.

Our Basic Approach

Through initiatives based on "unity of words and deeds"(Genko-Icchi ), Fuji Xerox supports customers in solving their management problems and creating value. Fuji Xerox will gain the satisfaction and trust of customers by being a "partner that can be consulted on all matters."


Supporting New Work Styles

To raise the value of work

Fuji Xerox offers solutions for various types of businesses and operations. By promoting the flow and sharing of information among businesses, Fuji Xerox enhances the value created by our customers through their business operations.

To expand work style possibilities

Fuji Xerox supports diverse and flexible work styles at such places as offices, outside locations, and customer sites.


Building a More Convenient Society

To build a more convenient society

Fuji Xerox contributes to building a more resident-friendly society by enabling the issuance of necessary administrative certifications at convenient places and by developing easy-to-use resident services for local governments.

To help people lead healthy lives

Fuji Xerox plays a part in creating a new community-based medical services framework by contributing to at-home medical care by developing an integrated patient information system.


Improving the Quality of Learning

To provide new forms of learning

Fuji Xerox offers new ICT-based learning systems to free the learning process from time and place limitations and improve learning efficiency.

To support custommade learning

Fuji Xerox provides on-demand printing and multilingual systems to create an environment for accessing optimal educational materials by people who need it when they need it.


Making Daily Life More Enjoyable

To enjoy hobbies

Fuji Xerox helps people enjoy their leisure time by providing content services at convenience stores, including photo and music sheet services.

To convey the attractions of local communities

Fuji Xerox will promote better understanding of local communities by visitors and contribute to local revitalization by conveying audio and video information featuring local attractions.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox regards customer satisfaction (CS) as the starting point of all its corporate activities. Accordingly, Fuji Xerox places importance on communication with customers at all points of contact. The company aims to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust with its customers by continuously meeting their needs and expectations. In 2001, Fuji Xerox formulated a conduct guideline entitled "CS Guidelines." The guideline requires all employees―whether in Japan or overseas―to constantly strive to contribute to the resolution of the issues customers face, by harnessing companywide strengths of Fuji Xerox while increasing their responsiveness to customers. For example, Fuji Xerox Integrated Customer Support Center created by combining call center functions for processing repair requests and orders for consumables, help desk functions for responding to software and network related requests, and technical support functions requiring special expertise. Fuji Xerox also creates a verification environment corresponding to customers' individual contracts. Through these integration and verification environment, Fuji Xerox provides quick and precise one-step services to customers. This allows help desk and technical support staff to work together in speedily responding to the advanced requirements of customers for hardware, software, and systems.

Overview of CS Management System,CS Guidelines for Fuji Xerox and Its Affiliates

Fiscal 2013 Performance

With "winning the customer's trust" as our goal, we endeavored at all times to strengthen our relationships with individual customers, to come as close as possible to eliminating all complains and claims, and to improve our operating processes and product planning capabilities based on opinions and requests received from customers. As a result, Fuji Xerox once again received high ratings in CS surveys conducted by external organizations.

  • Ranked highest in IT Consulting/Upstream Design Services Category (Information Service Companies) in 18th Customer Satisfaction Survey appearing in August 22, 2013 issue of Nikkei Computer.
  • Ranked highest for second consecutive year in the document equipment service provider segment of the 2013 Japan IT Solution Provider Customer Satisfaction Index StudySM by J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Inc.
  • Ranked highest for fourth consecutive year in the 2013 Japan Color Copier Customer Satisfaction Index StudySM by J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Inc.
  • Ranked highest for fourth consecutive year in the 2013 Japan Color Printer Customer Satisfaction Index StudySM by J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Inc.

Fiscal 2014 Initiatives

The goal for fiscal 2014 is to be recognized by customers as their "best partner" (a partner that can be consulted on all matters). The key to accomplishing this is to "bring together the comprehensive capabilities of Fuji Xerox and all of its affiliates to solve problems faced by customers." Fuji Xerox will endeavor to maintain its high CS ranking in the multifunction device segment, the core of our business. In solutions and services, we ensure our devices flawlessly support customer operations. Going forward, we will act with greater speed to improve CS.iVOC- our core system for integrated management of the voice of customers received by employees interfacing with customers and opinions and requests identified in internal CS surveys-will be positively utilized and findings will be reflected in product and service planning and marketing activities. All employees will be encouraged to transform their interaction with customers through education, training, and corporate culture improvement programs. Fuji Xerox will strive to contribute to the business growth of both its domestic and overseas customers by being their best partner.

Information Security

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

At Fuji Xerox, information security is an integral part of risk management. We consider the greatest information security risk to be information leakage, such as leakage of personal information and confidential information entrusted to us by our customers. Fuji Xerox has established an information governance structure and implements a PDCA cycle to prevent information security incidents and to achieve continual improvements in management.
We ensure employees have a thorough understanding of policies and rules and we carry out thorough reporting in the case that an information security incident occurs. We also strive to achieve a higher level of information security governance through reporting on our information security activities in the annual Information Security Report to customers and partner companies and requesting them to evaluate our efforts. For details, please refer to our Information Security Report.

Fiscal 2013 Performance

During fiscal 2013, we addressed information security risks related to new styles of work and established internal rules and guidelines for at-home work and "straight to, straight home" assignments. As part of this program, Fuji Xerox provided secure mobile tools and the required IT environment to all sales personnel and field SEs.
Cyber-attack countermeasures were revamped to keep abreast of the shift of operating infrastructures from internal to Internet-based networks. Conventional approaches to defense focused on reinforcing firewalls are being replaced by multilayered defense systems.

Fiscal 2014 Initiatives

Fuji Xerox will revise its information security rules during fiscal 2014 to correspond to the revisions of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 that were made in 2013. The new rules will be designed to lay the groundwork for the global application of our information security rules and for the introduction of BYOD.Note 1
For overseas affiliates, we are planning to implement retraining in security rules that serve as the foundation for information security governance.
We will also expand the scope of our ISMS certification and strengthen the security management of confidential information entrusted to us by our customers.

  • Note 1 "BYOD" means "Bring your own device" and refers to the use of individually owned devices in business operations

High-Quality and Safe Products

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox has formulated Basic Policies on Quality Assurance and Basic Policies on Product Safety to direct our best efforts to ensure the quality and safety of our products. We are implementing product assurance programs by incorporating international standards and advanced technologies in all life stages of our products, to achieve total elimination of product safety problems.
We respond swiftly to any product safety incident and endeavor to maintain and improve customer confidence by thoroughly pursuing measures for preventing recurrence.
Quality and Safety Forums are held regularly, where quality assurance staff from domestic and overseas manufacturing centers and sales companies gathers to discuss and exchange views on providing customers with safe and secure products.

Fiscal 2013 Performance

During fiscal 2013, one product safety incident occurred involving a monochrome laser printer supplied by Fuji Xerox under OEM arrangements. The OEM counterparty in this case publicly announced the product risk, which led to the implementation of a free parts replacement program. Related information was swiftly disclosed to customers and advance reports were filed with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and other supervisory agencies before launching the free parts replacement program.
A decision was made at the Fiscal 2013 Quality and Safety Forum to bolster efforts for preventing product quality and safety incidents.

Fiscal 2014 Initiatives

Lessons from the product safety incident that occurred during fiscal 2013 will be taken to heart, and every effort will be made to eliminate product safety problems. We believe the answer lies in rigorous compliance with laws and regulations as well as the establishment of improved safety and assessment technologies. Fuji Xerox will endeavor to rise above conventional approaches focused on recurrence prevention, and will develop integrated mechanisms covering manufacturing and sales functions for early identification of customer dissatisfaction. Based on this input, we will promote systems designed to respond to the globalization, diversification, and increasingly networkbased structure of markets and customers.

Sustainability Report 2014 Questionnaire