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This report describes to our stakeholders initiatives of Fuji Xerox to realize a future where people join hands to create value in society; it is also a tool for gathering opinions that can be used to make improvements. We have prepared two communications media to target the interests of different readers (see the diagram below): this Sustainability Report and the corporate website.

Structure of the Sustainability Report 2014 CSR information covering our global operations This report is published in Japanese, English, and Chinese. The Stakeholder Summary is available in Japanese. Our website is available in Japanese and English. Detailed information, including the Sustainability Report and the Stakeholder Summary (in Japanese only), can be found on our website. CSR information from our affiliates Our affiliates publish CSR information in line with local requirements. Please see our website above.

Our fiscal 2014 report has the following features:

  1. We have added a page to convey to our stakeholders what we are trying to accomplish through CSR management.
  2. We have included a page giving an overall view of the value we are providing to society through our entire value chain, with a special focus on value delivered to society through our customers.
  3. In "Our CSR Management System," we have explained the position of the CSR Committee in our corporate management structure and have described the management process based on the PDCA cycle.
  4. In "How Fuji Xerox Creates Value for Society," we have identified CSR themes of special importance to Fuji Xerox and to society. In subsequent pages, we have reported on high-priority CSR themes by stakeholder groups and paid particular attention to making this an integrated report in view of its importance.
  5. In "Engagement with Customers" in the section of "Engagement with Stakeholders," we have included a page on how we are delivering value to society by helping customers overcome their challenges through our products and services. Our hope here is to depict a fuller picture of the CSR activities that we are implementing throughout business operations and which are uniquely expressive of the values that Fuji Xerox holds dear.

Features of Sustainability Report 2014

Reporting Period

Sustainability Report 2014 focuses on the CSR efforts of Fuji Xerox during fiscal 2013 (April 2013 to March 2014) and also covers some policies and activities for fiscal 2014.

Organizations Covered

Sustainability Report 2014 covers Fuji Xerox and its domestic and overseas affiliates. When we report on matters restricted to specific regions or corporations, we specify that in the Report.

Guidelines Consulted

We followed the third edition of the Global Reporting Initiative's Sustainability Reporting Guidelines (G3), while also taking into account the approach of the fourth edition (G4), which was issued in 2013. We also consulted the 2012 edition of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Reporting Guidelines.

Report to the Global Compact


In our capacity as a corporate signatory to the Global Compact, we have submitted this Report to the United Nations as our Global Compact Communication on Progress in the four areas and 10 principles of the Compact. Please see page 42 for our activities regarding the Global Compact.

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