CSR Communication Policy

Our Approach to Disclosure of Non-financial Information

Fuji Xerox and its affiliates are closely observing the current trends in legal regulations that encompass the disclosure of non-financial information, with European countries leading the way, and we are preparing a system as well as ways of using the system to properly disclose non-financial information. This includes not only our results, but also the transparency of our decisionmaking processes and the soundness of our Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle, while also increasing our compliance with international reporting standards such as those in the Global Reporting Initiative.
The primary medium that we use to report our non-financial information is through this annual Sustainability Report.
We have put the task of communicating with our internal and external stakeholders into practice through this Report as well as through disclosing comprehensive and detailed information on our website.
Although Fuji Xerox is not a listed company, we advance the disclosure of information, to reflect the interests of investors, given that we are a consolidated affiliate of FUJIFILM Holdings (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).
Further, since our stakeholders are increasingly interested in CSR, as well as the fact that we expect stronger demand for the disclosure of non-financial information that meets a variety of different needs, we are also looking at ways of expanding our information disclosure practices, opening up more opportunities to receive questions, responding to them, and creating opportunities for dialogue.

Our Approach to What Information to Disclose

Corporations and organizations need to disclose requisite CSR information in an accurate, timely and accountable manner. However, if each organization is given too much discretion on what to disclose, there are concerns that only arbitrary information will be disclosed.
Accordingly, Fuji Xerox and its consolidated affiliates take the following approach to reporting CSR information:

  • Information on sustainability for Fuji Xerox and its consolidated affiliates is reported in this Report and on our website.
  • Our affiliates in each country or region will prepare and issue separate sustainability reports where they are required to do so under local legislation or needs from the local market.

Our Approach to Ensuring the Accuracy of the Information We Disclose

We need to do our utmost to ensure the accuracy of the information we disclose in view of the fact that CSR-related information disclosures can have a significant impact on the interests of our stakeholders. Fuji Xerox discloses information only after checking it three times: by the department responsible for the information, the department responsible for editing the information and the Corporate Communications Department.
While Fuji Xerox is examining the possibility of having third party providers ensure the accuracy of the disclosed information or applying relevant international standards, we have been unable to find anyone, to date, that sufficiently provides services suited to the purpose, as well as that are comprehensive, complete and objective. However, we have incorporated an expert Third Party Opinion, to demonstrate our willingness to listen to third party comments.