Providing Services that Help Address Customer Management Issues

Providing Global Services

Fuji Xerox provides outsourcing services with a focus on documents and business processes for customers doing business in Japan and around the world. Through efficient management of document processes ranging from document preparation through document retention, printing, and use, we work as a business partner to help customers realize cost savings and productivity improvements while helping their businesses grow.
Fuji Xerox began providing outsourcing services in Japan in fiscal 1998. Since fiscal 2007, we have pursued full-scale activities in this area by deploying outsourcing services (with proven track record at Xerox Corp. in the United States) in Japan and in the Asia-Pacific region.
In order to continue providing new value, in fiscal 2013, we utilized a framework to make the operation of our services both transparent and standardized at a global level, and aimed to enhance service delivery quality and to improve the level of information security management. We also bolstered support for enterprises seeking to strengthen their management capabilities, including the full-scale deployment of Enterprise Print Services, launched in July 2011. Enterprise Print Services helps customers improve business productivity, reduce environmental impact, reduce total cost of ownership when developing business globally, and strengthen the ability to respond to events that threaten business continuity.


  • Providing business process outsourcing services to improve business efficiency and realize compatibility with business continuity planning (BCP) in all processes of claims payment ofperations at the insurer AIU Japan
  • JFE Engineering uses document outsourcing services to reduce total cost of ownership and environmental impacts
  • Managed Print Services from Fuji Xerox helps improve management efficiency and reduce environmental impacts at the Misawa Homes Group
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation is using the Managed Print Services of Fuji Xerox to develop an output platform that will help establish them as a global leader in the industrial automation and control business, strengthening group governance at 7 group companies and 49 locations throughout Japan.NEW
  • The Managed Print Services of Fuji Xerox supports the development of a comprehensive common infrastructure at Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd., creating a unified document infrastructure at 242 locations within the entire group.NEW

During fiscal 2014, we plan to continue deploying our Enterprise Print Services, a service that comprehensively manages business document output and printing environments throughout the enterprise. Responding to increasingly diverse customer needs, we will deliver services that strengthen customer growth by identifying solutions to problems in customer business processes.