Toyama Fuji Xerox Manufacturing

Handles processes including manufacturing and trial manufacturing of office copiers and printers together with related products and their mechanical parts and consumables.
Manufacturers imaging materials for copiers, multifunction devices and printers, and has a state-of-the-art plant exclusively for emulsion aggregation toner (EA toner).

Address 1277-6 Ojima, Namerikawa-shi, Toyama 936-0801, Japan
Telephone Number +81-76-477-9111
Website (Japanese only)
Number of Employees 258 (as of March 31, 2014)
ISO14001 Certification November 2002
Main Products Consumables for copy machines, multifunction devices/printers, etc.
Environmental Impact Category Unit FY2012 FY2013
Waste Note 1 Total generation t 2,423 2,423
Total recycling t 2,423 2,423
Material recycling t 2,413 2,413
Thermal recycling t 9.5 9.5
Landfill t 0 0
Incineration t 0 0
Recycling rate % 100 100
Energy Electricity used 1,000kWh 37,458 37,458
Electricity generated (renewable energy) 1,000kWh 0 0
Electricity generated (fossil fuel) 1,000kWh 0 0
Heavy oil A kl 0 0
Diesel kl 0 0
Kerosene kl 0 0
Gasoline kl 0 0
LPG 1,000m³ 2,224 2,224
Butane t 0 0
City gas (including LNG) 1,000m³ 0 0
CO2 equivalent Note 2 t-CO2 20,839 20,839
Water Consumption Water supply 1,000t 11 11
Groundwater 1,000t 725 725
Water resources 1,000t 736 736
Air Pollution NOx emissions
SOx emissions t
Particulate matter emissions t
Water Pollution BOD (into public water supply) t 1.96 1.96
COD (into public water supply) t 4.72 4.72
Groundwater Pollution Dichloromethane mg/l (environmental standard: 0.02mg/l or less)
Carbon tetrachloride mg/l (environmental standard: 0.002mg/l or less)
1.2-dichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.004mg/l or less)
1.1-dichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.02mg/l or less)
cis-1.2-dichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.04mg/l or less)
1.1.1-trichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 1mg/l or less)
1.1.2-trichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.006mg/l or less)
Trichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.03mg/l or less)
Tetrachloroethylene mg/l (leaching standard: 0.01mg/l or less)
1.3-dichloroethylene mg/l (environmental standard: 0.002mg/l or less)
PRTRNote 3
(FY2013 Results)
Handled Discharged Used Transferred Recycled Disposed Disposed
Styrene t     1,896        
Manganese oxides t     173.61        
Acrylic acid t     14.74        
Butyl acrylate t     579.74        
Ferric chloride t     294.92        
Nickel compounds t     2.06        
  • Note 1 Waste includes
    (1) Industrial waste (including special management industrial waste), general waste, recyclable waste, and valuable resources.
    (2) It does not include waste goods recovered from the market.
  • Note 2 The average of all power resources in FY2000 (0.378t-CO2) published by The Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan.
  • Note 3 Substances are listed if the amount handled is equal to one ton or more.