Fuji Xerox announces its high-priority CSR themes

We at Fuji Xerox have identified, from a wide range of social issues, those that are the most important for our CSR management to address in light of factors such as the nature of our business and our management goals. In fiscal 2013, we narrowed down our high-priority CSR themes based on social needs as well as the nature of our own business and our management goals. Here, we report on the process of clarifying our CSR issues and the priorities we have identified.

The Process of Identifying Our High-priority CSR Themes

CSR issues were distilled and narrowed down in three steps.

High-priority CSR Themes at Fuji Xerox

Organizing the issues by stakeholder under the broad categories of what might be called "offense" (creating new value) and "defense" (guarding corporate value), we have established the medium-term high-priority themes to be addressed in our CSR management. They are "Improving customer satisfaction," "Improving employee satisfaction," "Strengthening environmental management," "Enhancing ethical procurement," "Engaging in local community development." In the future, we will further strengthen our CSR management by overseeing the progress of initiatives with a medium-term perspective in these focus areas.

Stakeholders' Dialogue

Every year, Fuji Xerox holds a stakeholders' dialogue with outside experts on one of our main CSR themes, with the objective of continually enhancing our corporate value by listening to the views of a wide variety of people, including our suppliers and members of the community, and responding to their expectations. In fiscal 2013, we invited four experts from environmental fields and held a dialogue on our promotion of environmental management. Seven of our executives took part and a lively discussion ensued.
From their statements, it was clear that the panelists have high expectations of our performance. One commented, "I'd like to see Fuji Xerox set out a concrete image of how it can help solve global environmental problems and then make sure that the efforts of every employee are in tune with this approach." Another had this advice: "As a company that offers solutions, Fuji Xerox should think about how to do away with the incompatibility between the present desire of companies to grow their business in emerging nations and the future prospect of eventually being unable to continue operations due to resource depletion and environmental degradation."

Highlightss in This Report

(1)Addressing Social Issues Revealed by the 2011 Disaster

Advancing Hand in Hand with the Local Community

(2)Responsible Paper Procurement

Toward Sustainable Paper Procurement

(3)Social Contributions that Harness the Unique Qualities of Fuji Xerox

Helping to Educate Children in Disadvantaged Communities

Sustainability Report 2014 Questionnaire