Sustainability Report 2015

[Sustainability Report 2015] Fuji Xerox and its affiliate companies believe that CSR must be at the core of our management in order for us to be a company that can truly win the hearts of society and our customers. Based on this belief, the entire company is working together in its main line of business to conduct CSR management that is attentive to the expectations and demands of our stakeholders. Our report this year focuses on the following issues regarding CSR: what our company aims to achieve through CSR management; high-priority CSR themes for our company; and unique characteristics of the business of Fuji Xerox that realize CSR by solving the problems of our customers.

Top Commitment

Our Solutions and Services Propel Social Change as They Help Our Customers Create Value

Purpose of Management at Fuji Xerox

At Fuji Xerox, CSR means contributing to the development of a sustainable society by fulfilling the Fuji Xerox Mission Statement.

The Social Issues with which Fuji Xerox Engages and the Value it Provides

Fuji Xerox aims to solve social issues by supporting the value creation of our customers and other stakeholders through our products and services.

Our Management System

We implement the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to improve our corporate management responding to the expectations and requests from stakeholders.

High-Priority Management Themes at Fuji Xerox

The processes for clarifying the high-priority management themes of Fuji Xerox are explained, followed by high-priority management themes that have been defined by this process.

Our Business Operations

Fuji Xerox provides solutions and services that help customers solve management challenges and address social issues.

Our Growth Strategy

In the fields of document services and communications, Fuji Xerox provides solution services globally, which support our customers' value creation. We continuously grow our business by providing solutions for sustainable development of our customer and society.

Technologies for Our Growth

To enhance social understanding through better communication, Fuji Xerox provides new products and solution services with innovation and development of our core technology combined with digital-imaging technology and information and communication technology.

Strong Business Processes to Support Growth

Fuji Xerox creates value with stakeholders in which we operate, by doing business in the entire value chain.

Evolution of Fuji Xerox Value Creation

Over the years, Fuji Xerox has consistently delivered new value to society while fueling business growth by keeping a step ahead of trends and promoting new value standards for a changing world.


Highlights 1

Improving the Quality of Education

Highlights 2

Creating a Future for Local Communities

Highlights 3

The Challenge of Expertly Managing Chemical Substances

Engagement with Stakeholders

CSR Initiatives by Our Affiliates around the World

Status of Key CSR Initiatives

Management and Organization

Recognition by Society

Third Party Opinion

Relationships with Stakeholders