CSR Initiatives by Our Affiliates around the World

Fuji Xerox Is the Stage Where We Interact with Society

Fuji Xerox does business in Japan, China and the Asia-Pacific region, and the officers and employees at our affiliates in various countries and regions around the world who share the basic values of Fuji Xerox are implementing CSR initiatives in line with the needs of local communities.

Initiatives at other affiliates can be found on our website:

Fuji Xerox Osaka

Joining with the Community and Our Customers to Help Educate Children

In one of our "Educating Future Generations" initiatives, in which we partner with local companies, governments, and schools, Fuji Xerox Osaka is collaborating with the Nishinari Ward Office, local elementary schools, and our customers in a program designed to get children thinking about "work." In FY2014, with the cooperation of the quality shoe manufacturer Salon de Gres, pupils from the city's Koji Elementary School tried making artworks using remnants of real leather.
Comments from those who helped organize the project included: "We could never have done this on our own. It happened thanks to the city government, the school, and a local company all joining forces," and "It made me realize that donating money isn't the only way we can contribute to society-we can also take an educational approach."
We will continue partnering with various players in the community in further "Educating Future Generations" initiatives.

Fuji Xerox Korea

Educating Future Generations through Production Services Business

Fuji Xerox Korea has launched an initiative to educate future generations through its production services business, in partnership with Seoul Technical High School (the only Korean high school with a graphic arts department), Seoul Printing Information Industry Cooperative and Seoul Printing Center. In addition to donating a DocuColor 5000 Digital Press to the school's new Digital Printing Laboratory, we have jointly developed and provided an educational program that teaches the principles, structure and uses of digital printers. In October 2014, a party of 26 students and staff from the school visited Japan and were given tours by customers who use our production printers and by our own Customer Value Innovation Center.
As one of the staff said, "The trip has inspired our students to visualize their future goals in detail." We will continue to help educate future generations and create new business by utilizing our core competencies in various forms of cooperation between industry and schools.

Fuji Xerox Yamaguchi

Digitally Restoring an Iconic Castle Helps Conserve Culture and Revitalize the Community

With a major TV drama series set in Yamaguchi currently airing, the prefecture is looking to tourism as one way to revitalize the region. To play its part in this effort and help conserve traditional culture, Fuji Xerox Yamaguchi has set about "restoring" the lost tower of iconic Hagi Castle using computer graphics, in a collaborative effort among industry, academia, and government. The initiative met with an enthusiastic response. Historical materials were made available by outside experts, and we collaborated with Yamaguchi University and supported the students in their CG work. This effort to promote tourism and conserve local culture has been furthered by displaying the reconstruction on a website cohosted by the Yamaguchi branch of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), the Yamaguchi Prefectural Government, and the Yamaguchi Prefectural Tourism Federation.
We will continue to help conserve traditional culture and res tore local vitality through initiatives rooted in the community.

Fuji Xerox Singapore

Enabling and Empowering Communities in Singapore

Singapore is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence in 1965. Fuji Xerox Singapore, founded that same year, has various initiatives under way to mark its own 50th anniversary milestone. We have participated in "Smile Singapore Campaign," which aims to make Singapore a happier country. Together with our corporate partners, staff and members of the public, a giant floor mural consisting of 5,154 smiling portraits were printed with our high speed printers. For every photo submitted, we have pledged $5 and by the end of the year we aim to pledge a total of $50,000 for 1,000 families. The money will go towards a "Smile Pack Distribution" fund to distribute food packs to low income households. In each run, our employees will volunteer in packing and distributing the Smile Packs in collaboration with a local NPO. Going forward, we will continue to help enable and empower the local community through our various CSR initiatives.

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