Engagement with Customers

Our Ideal

Fuji Xerox will provide value that meets customer expectations and contributes to the sustainable development of customers and their stakeholders.

Our Basic Approach

Through initiatives based on "unity of words and deeds"(Genko-Itchi ), Fuji Xerox supports customers in solving their management problems and creating value. Fuji Xerox will gain the satisfaction and trust of customers by being a "partner that can be consulted on all matters."

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox regards customer satisfaction (CS) as the starting point of all its corporate activities. The key to raising customer satisfaction is understanding the needs and expectations of customers. Accordingly, Fuji Xerox places importance on communication with customers at all points of contact. The company aims to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust with its customers by continuously meeting their needs and expectations.
In 2001, Fuji Xerox formulated the CS Guidelines. These guidelines regarding conduct require all employees in Japan and overseas-from sales, service, and call center staff serving at customer points of contact to development, headquarters, and other back-office staff-to constantly strive to contribute to the resolution of the issues customers face, by harnessing the companywide strengths of Fuji Xerox while also increasing their own personal responsiveness to customers.


Yoshikazu Sato
Corporate Vice President
and Executive General Manager of
Customer Satisfaction Quality Assurance Group
Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox engages in various initiatives aimed at achieving "Truly Number One in CS" with the realization that there is much left to be done to reach our goal. We are committed to responding to customer expectations by always thinking from the customer's viewpoint and listening to the customer's voiceparticularly to complaints and claims.
Building a robust CS foundation requires more than simply a process. Fuji Xerox believes every employee must consider him or herself a lead actor in CS activities. To foster this awareness, Fuji Xerox launched a CS training for all employees in 2015.
Customers have high expectations of Fuji Xerox, and we are committed to providing products and services that meet those expectations. Our goal is to develop CS activities that lead our customers to say, "We are happy to have worked with Fuji Xerox, and we look forward to working with them again."

Providing Solutions and Services for Seamless Information Use and Communication

Fuji Xerox will improve the quality and productivity of customer communications and contribute to solving management problems by unifying paper and digital information and seamlessly integrating this with cloud services and mobile solutions.

By facilitating access to information anytime and from anywhere, Fuji Xerox supports diverse and flexible work styles and improves productivity.


Linking Multifunction Devices to Cloud and Mobile Solutions to Create New Work Styles

Communication with suppliers and affiliates is a critical lifeline for small and medium sized business (SMB) customers in their business activities, and the smooth exchange of ordering sheets, blueprints, and other documents by fax or e-mail ties in directly to the flow of operations.
Waiting at the office for a fax with an unknown arrival time or rushing back to the office from a business visit or from home to pick up a document-these are just a few examples of how operational efficiency suffers when needed information cannot be accessed anytime and from anywhere.
Fuji Xerox provides a system for automatically storing faxes received by multifunction devices on the cloud and notifying users. This unified cloud-based management of information offers a solution for confirming, using, and outputting documents anytime and from anywhere in a secure environment.
By eliminating time-consuming procedures and unproductive wait time, Fuji Xerox's information-access environment based on mobile and cloud services helps realize new work styles.

Fuji Xerox supports the creation of new value by promoting high-value communication in society and collaboration that includes but goes beyond businesses.


Multilingual Tourist Information on Local Attractions

Overseas visitors to Japan are expected to increase in number as the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics approach, and how to convey easy-to-understand information on Japan and local attractions to tourists has become an important challenge in regional revitalization.
As a company committed to providing a high-value communication environment to society, Fuji Xerox is responding to this challenge by providing tourists visiting Japan with multilingual information on local events and attractions. In collaboration with local communities, broadcasting stations, hotels, and IT service providers, Fuji Xerox has launched two new services for tourists visiting Tokyo Waterfront City: a multilingual (Japanese, English, Chinese [simplified and traditional Chinese] and Korean) tourist audio guide service and a train routes guide & map printing service, which can both be accessed using dedicated smartphones. With the first service, an automatic audio guide greets visitors at registered points of interest in the Waterfront City and treats overseas and Japanese tourists to new discoveries and experiences as they learn more about the scenes unfolding before them.
Beginning with Tokyo Waterfront City, Fuji Xerox will support regional revitalization through services that provide information on unique local events and attractions in exciting and effective formats.

Strengthening Our Position in Overseas Markets

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox is engaged in worldwide business operations, directly marketing its products and services in the markets of Asia and Oceania, and serving Europe, the Americas, and other parts of the world by exporting its products to Xerox Corporation and Xerox Europe.
Fuji Xerox maintains wide-ranging networks of sales offices throughout Asia and Oceania for which it is directly responsible, with direct-sales networks covering large urban areas and local dealers covering other areas. The company has steadily bolstered its product planning and development capabilities in China and expanded its service businesses through M&A to provide products and services equipped with functions that meet the specific needs of local markets in this region combined with an attractive pricequality balance. In this way, Fuji Xerox continues to support the transformation of its customers' communication.

Activities in the AP-China Markets

Fiscal 2014 Performance

By strengthening its global strategies, Fuji Xerox increased its overseas sales ratio from 37 percent in fiscal 2009 to 49 percent in fiscal 2014.
In the Asia and Oceania markets in particular, Fuji Xerox capitalized on the strength of its direct-sales networks to expand its solutions services to achieve high business growth, including in equipment sales, and increased sales in all of its business domains. Fuji Xerox maintains the top market share in numerous markets in the region for its main products, including A3 multifunction devices, production printers, and managed print services (MPS).

Fiscal 2015 Initiatives

During fiscal 2015, Fuji Xerox will boost brand recognition by expanding sales in emerging economies and elsewhere. Fuji Xerox will strengthen collaboration between Fuji Xerox Document Management SolutionsNote and overseas sales companies to expand business process outsourcing (BPO) services while accelerating the growth of its services businesses throughout Asia by working closely with local partners.
We will win the trust of customers and grow our businesses by pursuing intraregional marketing and making further progress toward developing products that match regional and customer needs.

  • NoteEstablished through the 2012 acquisition of BPO division of Salmat in Australia

Case Study

Regional Solution Center Bolsters Solutions across the Region

Role of the Regional Solution Center

In April 2015, Fuji Xerox established a Regional Solution Center in Singapore, bringing solutions and services previously managed in individual countries and regions under the centralized management. The new arrangement facilitates the spread of solutions and services to other countries and regions and boosts the ability to provide solutions across the region. Fuji Xerox has created expert teams comprising solution sales staff, operational consultants, and system engineers and continues to deploy region-wide common solutions menus that have garnered excellent results and to reinforce its support systems to ensure speedy response to customer needs.
Fuji Xerox is developing its cloud-based infrastructure for supplying common regional solutions and services, and is focusing on multilingual support for post-sales services. In these ways, the company is accelerating customized and flexible services that match customer needs.
Fuji Xerox provides customers with powerful support in the development of their global operations, and facilitates value creation and business growth.

Information Security

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox's Information Security Hand Book for employees

At Fuji Xerox, information security is an integral part of risk management and the objective of a wide range of initiatives. To always remain a reliable partner to its customers, Fuji Xerox pays special attention to information security measures for its products, solutions, and services. Fuji Xerox is continuously engaged in upgrading its internal information security systems and strengthening its governance structure to ensure the security of the information assets of customers.
For details, please refer to our Information Security Report.

Fiscal 2014 Performance

Fuji Xerox established a group-wide information security emergency response system. Designed to reinforce Fuji Xerox's defenses against cyber attack, the system covers the multifunctional devices, solutions, and services in use by customers as well as Fuji Xerox's own internal information systems. In addition to upgrading our emergency response when vulnerability is found, we conduct company-wide training to ensure appropriate employee responses to targeted e-mail and malware.
Fuji Xerox also reviewed the management processes of subcontracted operations to ensure secure control and handling of important information assets entrusted to subcontractors.
To reinforce information security worldwide, Fuji Xerox worked with its overseas sales companies to develop responses to information security issues and promoted activities for upgrading risk management. Specifically, the information security officers of overseas sales companies collaborated with the Asia-Pacific Operations and Fuji Xerox Headquarters on information security issues requiring a global response, including countermeasures to cyber attack, management of customer information entrusted to subcontractors, and security training.

Fiscal 2015 Initiatives

During 2015, Fuji Xerox will prepare for the introduction of Japan's national identification number system scheduled for 2016. This will include the development of mandated documents, the installation of management systems, the promotion of systematic employee training, awareness raising, and inspection, and the ensuring and maintenance of compliance.
To further reinforce the company's ability to respond to cyber attacks, Fuji Xerox will promote the handling of issues using its information security emergency response system and will adopt measures to heighten the detection of attacks. Fuji Xerox will engage in company-wide quality assurance tasks aimed at strengthening information security management of its solution and service products. We will also take measures to prevent information leakage originating in employees and subcontractors due to internal improprieties or human error.
To address global issues in information security, Fuji Xerox will convene its risk management council in Japan with the risk managers of all overseas sales companies in attendance and will strengthen coordinated efforts.

Case Study

Fuji Xerox conducts web-based information security training for all domestic employees every year. Since fiscal 2013, the program has been expanded to include risk management training. During fiscal 2014, Fuji Xerox conducted risk management training for responding to large-scale earthquakes and raising awareness for preventing information security incidents.
Learning about the threat of cyber attack was the central theme in information security education. Participants were drilled on points to be followed by all employees for protecting the information assets of customers and of Fuji Xerox, and underwent post-session testing to confirm improvement in understanding. In addition to these e-learning programs for all employees, Fuji Xerox conducts customized education and training programs targeting specific strata of the company, including new employees and newly appointed managers and directors.

Providing High-Quality and Safe Products

Features of Fuji Xerox Activities

Fuji Xerox has formulated Basic Polices on Quality Assurance and Basic Policies on Product Safety to direct our best efforts to ensure the quality and safety of our products. To achieve total elimination of product safety problems, we are implementing product assurance programs by incorporating international standards and advanced technologies in all the life stages of our products. We respond swiftly to any product safety incident and endeavor to maintain and improve customer confidence by thoroughly pursuing measures for preventing recurrence.
Quality and Safety Forums are held regularly to ensure delivery of safe and reliable products to customers in Japan as well as in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region. Quality assurance staff from domestic and overseas manufacturing centers and sales companies gather at these Forums to discuss and exchange views on the challenges of continuously providing customers with safe and reliable products.

Fiscal 2014 Performance

During fiscal 2014, one product safety incident came to light involving a monochrome printer supplied by Fuji Xerox. In an extremely rare case of electronic component failure, part of the internal mechanisms of the printer was charred. Although there was no possibility of this case developing into a serious incident, Fuji Xerox took preventive measures for units of the model referred to it by customers responding to "Important Notice to Customers on Products" on the company's official website or visiting the company.

Fiscal 2015 Initiatives

To ensure the elimination of product safety problems learning from the lessons in fiscal 2014, we will comply with laws and regulations, and establish the improved safety and assessment technologies. We will also develop integrated mechanisms which cover manufacturing and sales functions for early identification of customer dissatisfaction in order to respond to globalization, diversification, and the network-based structures of markets and customers. Fuji Xerox will continue to raise awareness of its employees and strengthen the governance mechanisms for product safety.

Supporting Customers' Business Continuity

Improving Procurement Efficiency and Emergency Response through Unified Management of Procurementrelated Information with Suppliers Worldwide

Fuji Xerox has launched operation of a new system that enables unified management of procurement-related information on a global scale. It consists of enhanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)Note functions for e-commerce with about 900 major suppliers which have been linked to our Procurement Business Continuity Plan (BCP) system. In addition to unified and timely management of all procurement related information from manufacturing centers in China, Vietnam, and in other countries, the system improves the efficiency of procurement and responses to the emergency with a wide range of database information.
In the case of a major disaster, its impact on production can be assessed in a timely manner by exchanging inquiries and responses concerning the flow of parts and components with suppliers through the system. Moreover, by linking information on parts received from suppliers with databases on current parts inventory and production planning, the system enables us to make changes in the ordering of replacement parts and production planning. It contributes to minimizing the negative impact, including the halting of production lines, and improves supply continuity.
Fuji Xerox will utilize the linkage of EDI to the Procurement BCP system to further streamline procurement operations and improve response capacity in case of emergency.

  • NoteEDI refers to the computer-to-computer transmission of business information or documents (such as ordering sheets and invoices) among several companies and organizations via communication lines (network)

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