Editorial Policy and The Process Leading to Value Creation

Editorial Policy

Our fiscal 2015 report has the following features:

  1. To ensure that the report presents the "big picture" of Fuji Xerox as a whole, we paid attention to these points:
    1. We focused on showing clearly how the value we deliver to help solve social issues is integrated with our business as a growing company by delineating the management process which enables us to integrate business and CSR (see diagram below) and by organizing the contents of this report along the same lines as that process.
    2. In order to present a clearer picture of our corporate strengths and our engagement with society, we have increased our focus on explanations of our business and the value we deliver and on reporting on the underlying technologies and processes.
    3. Actual examples are provided wherever possible to give readers a more concrete understanding of our initiatives.
  2. To make it a report that looks beyond current initiatives and encompasses our vision for the future, we paid attention to these points:
    1. We set out clearly our view of social change, our vision of society, and the social issues which must be addressed to make that vision a reality, and we then reviewed our high-priority management themes in relation to the opportunities and risks presented by the problem-solving process.
    2. To give the report both a historical and a future dimension, we have added the pages, one reporting on how Fuji Xerox has contributed to society through its ideas in the past, and the other on future-oriented growth strategies for our business.

The Process Leading to Value Creation

The diagram below shows our interconnected management process. It outlines how Fuji Xerox understands the array of social issues facing our customers and how we go about solving these issues through our management policies and business strategies, as embodied in the products and services we offer. It also shows the business processes that support them, together with the specific kinds of value we create. The contents of this Sustainability Report have been structured along the same lines as this management process.

This report describes to our stakeholders initiatives of Fuji Xerox to realize a future where people join hands to create value in society; it is also a tool for gathering opinions that can be used to make improvements. We have prepared two communications media to target the interests of different readers (see the diagram below): this Sustainability Report and the corporate website.

Structure of Sustainability Report 2015 CSR Information Covering Our SkyDesk Media Switch Global Operations This report is published in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Our website is available in Japanese and English. Detailed information, including the Sustainability Report, can be found on our website CSR Information from Our Affiliates Our affiliates publish CSR information in line with local requirements. Please see our website (URL above to the right). SkyDesk Media Switch Wherever you see this symbol in this report, you can access related content using the SkyDesk Media Switch App. Place your smartphone over the image near the symbol, and take a picture of it with the SkyDesk Media Switch App. For details, see the page 61 of this report. Web Info http://www.fujixerox.com/eng/company/sr/2015/

Features of Sustainability Report 2015

Reporting Period

Sustainability Report 2015 focuses on the CSR efforts of Fuji Xerox during fiscal 2014 (April 2014 to March 2015) and also covers some policies and activities for fiscal 2015.

Organizations Covered

Sustainability Report 2015 covers Fuji Xerox and its domestic and overseas affiliates. When we report on matters restricted to specific regions or corporations, we specify that in the report.

Guidelines Consulted

Our sustainability reports (this report and the disclosures on our website) are prepared in accordance with the Core of the G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.
We also consulted the 2012 edition of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Reporting Guidelines.

Report to the Global Compact


In our capacity as a corporate signatory to the Global Compact, we have submitted this report to the United Nations as our Global Compact Communication on Progress in the four areas and ten principles of the Compact. Please see page 8 for our activities regarding the Global Compact.

Next Release of Our Sustainability Report

September 2016

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