Participating in the UN Global Compact

Spearheading Activities as a LEAD Company

The 6th China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Conference (Tokyo)

Fuji Xerox supports the United Nations Global CompactNote and became a signatory in fiscal 2002. We and our affiliates view the principles of the UN Global Compact as fundamental to our own CSR values and have incorporated these principles in our Code of Conduct. We also present the principles to our suppliers as a key requirement for ethical procurement.
Fuji Xerox became a signatory to the Global Compact CEO Statement in fiscal 2008 with the signature of then President and current Chairman Tadahito Yamamoto. Fuji Xerox was nominated a UN Global Compact LEAD company (there are now 49 such companies throughout the world) in fiscal 2010 in recognition of the commitment of Fuji Xerox top management and the company's proactive measures in this field.

Former Fuji Xerox president Toshio Arima currently serves as a member of the Global Compact Board in New York City and manages the Global Compact Network Japan (GC-NJ), which currently comprises some 200 companies and organizations. We also actively support the UN Global Compact Office in New York City and GC-NJ by seconding employees. During fiscal 2014, Fuji Xerox presented its ethical procurement ini t iat ives at the 6th China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Conference hosted by GC-NJ in Tokyo in August and participated in the Human Rights Due Diligence Working Group, the Human Rights Education Working Group, and the Internal GC Promotion Working Group.
As a UN Global Compact LEAD company, Fuji Xerox will continue to participate in initiatives to drive CSR forward worldwide and will deepen the discussion of Sustainable Development Goals. Through these efforts, we will play a global leadership role in spreading and expanding the UN Global Compact and implementing its ten principles.

  • Note The United Nations Global Compact details 10 universally accepted core principles for CSR in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anticorruption, with signatories required to take proactive steps toward achieving these goals.


Commitment to Human Rights

Respect for human rights and nondiscrimination are deeply embedded in the Fuji Xerox Code of Conduct, and the Fujifilm Group Charter for Corporate Behavior identifies "respect for human rights" as the fundamental spirit guiding the human rights related activities of the Fujifilm Group.
Every year, we conduct educational courses on the Code of Conduct for all employees of Fuji Xerox and its affiliates, combined with training on such topics as human rights in general, sexual harassment, power harassment, and mental health. Code of Conduct education is also provided in training programs targeting specific strata of the company, such as new employees and newly appointed managers. Further efforts are made to raise human rights awareness through human rights slogan contests and the distribution of a human rights related bulletins to executive general managers twice a year.
Regarding the supply chain and overseas suppliers in particular, we endeavor to prevent human rights violations, such as child and forced labor, by requiring compliance in ethical procurement and through rigorous evaluation by Fuji Xerox.
Going forward, Fuji Xerox is committed to preventing human rights violations and to raising awareness of human rights.

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