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Fuji Xerox provides solutions and services that address social issues and help customers meet their management challenges.

Engagement with Social Issues through Our Business Operations

Social Issues with Which Fuji Xerox Should Engage

Office Solutions (Office Products Business, Office Printers Business)

With the business environment changing at a breathtaking pace, our customers face a host of complex and sophisticated management challenges, such as adapting to an increasingly globalized and diverse society, making optimum use of today's rapidly evolving information and communications technology, guaranteeing business continuity in the event of a disaster, minimizing their own impact on the environment, and dealing with the ever-multiplying threats to information security. By providing products and services tailored to the unique needs of each locale, from emerging nations to developed countries, Fuji Xerox is helping customers around the world meet these challenges and grow their businesses with solutions that support visualization and total optimization of their document and communication processes.

Key Products and Services

Production Services (Production Services Business)

Maintaining and strengthening good relationships with stakeholders (customers, shareholders, employees, the community, etc.) through better communications have become more important than ever for sustained business growth. Such communication requires reliable mechanisms for gauging stakeholders' diverse needs, producing customized content, and delivering that content, whether in paper or digital form, to the right place in a timely manner. By integrating the latest digital technology with our proprietary on-demand printing systems, Fuji Xerox's systems and services reform communications and are not only answering customers' management needs but also helping society meet such challenges as globalization and regional revitalization.

Key Products and Services

Global Services (Global Services Business)

In most cases, business processes rely on people as intermediaries, with documents serving as links among people. As computerization and digitization of mission-critical systems have introduced greater diversity into business processes, the challenge for our customers is to manage those document-related processes effectively by visualizing them and ensuring that they function optimally as whole. Fuji Xerox meets that need with document outsourcing, a spectrum of services ranging from integrated management of output and printing to the outsourcing of business processes for mission-critical systems.
By using our document expertise to optimize business processes, we are also helping companies meet society's rising expectations for corporate governance and compliance.

Key Products and Services

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