Helping Solve Local Problems

In addition to companywide social contribution activities under the key themes, the 64 companies of Fuji Xerox, which are mainly located in Japan and the Asia Pacific region, conduct various activities designed to address the social issues of their respective countries and regions. The following are examples of such activities.

Examples of the fiscal 2014 Community Contribution Activities

Company Activities Objectives
Fuji Xerox Miyagi/Fuji Xerox Kitanihon

"Memory Printing" service (developing photos taken at the venue into calendars or printing them on photo mat boards with seasonal motifs ) at local community events in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake

Support for reconstruction from the earthquake

Fuji Xerox Tokyo/Fuji Xerox Osaka/Fuji Xerox Service Creative

Employee volunteers' venue operation support for a dance show by LOVE JUNX, an organization supporting entertainment activities by young people with Down's syndrome

Support for future generations

Support for the socially vulnerable

Fuji Xerox Hokuriku Offering the Kids' ISO Program, an environmental education program for children. Employees continued their support for this program by volunteering to grade the papers.

Environmental conservation

Support for future generations
Fuji Xerox Kyoto As a member of the CSR Network organized by Kyoto Prefecture, offering lectures on CSR topics to schools in Kyoto, such as Sagano High School and Ryukoku University. These lectures for supporting young people's understanding of CSR are offered by member companies in rotation. Support for future generations
In 2008, we launched a project for the faithful reproduction/replication of historical documents stored in old estates, temples and shrines to enable their use today. The project is operated as a companywide initiative from April 2014. conservation of diminishing cultures
Fuji Xerox Osaka

Fuji Xerox Osaka fosters future generation by providing educational programs for local children to think "what work means". These activities are held with the collaboration of local businesses, city office, local schools and our customers. In FY 2014, we provided craftsman workshop for pupils of Koji Elementary School with quality shoe manufacturer Salon de Gres.They experienced the process of shoe making from the real leather.

Fostering future generation

Fuji Xerox Yamaguchi

Fuji Xerox Yamaguchi helped an initiative to restore Hagi Castle, a local iconic place by applying computer graphics (CG) techniques collaborating with local industries, academia and local government. Development of the initiative is introduced on the website by co-host Yamaguchi branch of Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives), the Yamaguchi Prefectural government and the Prefectural Tourism Federation, which we believe that will promote tourism and preserve local culture vigorously.

Preserve and inherit the rare culture and information (Local Community)

Fuji Xerox Fukuoka With the support of employee volunteers, organizing and holding regular concerts of professional bands with intellectual disabilities. This community-based event was held for the 11th time in 2014, attracting an audience of 1,100 people. Support for the socially vulnerable
Contribution to local communities
Fuji Xerox Learning Institute Since 2006, offering the Miracle Support Office project, where junior high school students and teachers can experience the world of work. With more than 500 participants to date, the program aims to promote children's interest and positive view of corporations, businesses, and social systems. Support for future generations
Fuji Xerox Advanced Technology Corporate participation in a local program to deliver smiles to children, Yokohama Santa Claus Project, as well as employees' voluntary participation in cleaning activities in the Minato Mirai district and Santa Claus visits to orphanages. Support for future generations
Contribution to local communities
Fuji Xerox Korea

Fuji Xerox Korea has launched an initiative to educate future generation in partnership with Seoul Technical High School (the only Korean high school with a graphic arts department), Seoul Printing Information Industry Cooperative and Seoul Printing Center. Besides donating a DocuColor 5000 Digital Press to the school's new Digital Printing Laboratory, we have jointly developed and provided an educational program that teaches mechanical principle, structure and application of digital printers. In October 2014, 26 students and staff from the school came to Japan to visit customers who use our printers and Fuji Xerox Customer Value Innovation Center.

Fostering future generation

Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen (China) In recognition of its continuous CSR efforts, received the Golden Bee Award in the 2013 Golden Bee CSR China Honor Roll General CSR activities
Fuji Xerox (China) To help reduce the country's environmental burden, jointly launching a closed-loop recycling system for polyester uniforms with Teijin (Nantong Teijin) and Onward Holdings (Onward Trading (Shanghai)). As the first phase of the program, 500 customer engineers at Fuji Xerox (China), and about 200 workers at Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) started to wear the recyclable uniforms in January 2014. Environmental conservation
Fuji Xerox Hong Kong Together with artists and children with heart disease, making and painting art works with used parts of Fuji Xerox products. Holding an exhibition of the art works created to raise the awareness of environmental issues. Support for future generations
Environmental conservation
Fuji Xerox Taiwan Becoming the first company in the industry to receive the Excellent Enterprise Award from Taoyuan County in recognition of the company's longstanding green procurement activities as well as resource recycling systems at its factory in the country. Environmental conservation
General CSR activities
Fuji Xerox Vietnam Employee volunteer visits to facilities for children with disabilities and seniors in a suburb of Hanoi. Support for future generations
Support for the socially vulnerable
Fuji Xerox Singapore

We have participated in "Smile Singapore Campaign," which aims to make Singapore a happier country. Together with our corporate partners, we are going to make and display a giant art work, which consists of about 5,000 smiling portraits printed by our high speed printers. For every photo submitted, we will donate $5 to raise fund a total of $50,000 for supporting 1,000 families. The money will go towards a "Smile Pack Distribution" fund to distribute food packs to low income households. In each run, our employees will volunteer in packing and distributing the Smile Packs in collaboration with a local NPO.

Local community, Supporting the vulnerable group in the society

Fuji Xerox Printer Channel Operations Operating a range of community-based charity and volunteer activities for the support for future generations, environmental conservation, and support for the socially vulnerable and other causes in Australia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries. Support for future generations
Environmental conservation
Support for the socially vulnerable
Support for solving local problems