Providing Safe, High-quality Products

Product Safety

Recognizing product safety as an overriding priority, we have initiated the Fuji Xerox Product Safety Key Principles and are doing our best to ensure all products we bring to market are safe to use. If a product safety incident does occur, we respond swiftly and effectively to prevent any recurrence of the incident, thereby maintaining and strengthening the trust Fuji Xerox has earned.
Based on the numerous lessons learned from a fire accident in fiscal 2002 involving a Fuji Xerox monochrome laser printer, we have implemented Product Safety Reforms to reorganize our companywide product safety management system based on four aspects: systems and policies, processes, human resources and skills, and employee awareness.
In fiscal 2014, continuing improvement activities targeting the elimination of product safety issues resulted in zero occurrence of major product accidents (as defined by the Consumer Product Safety Act) associated with products developed by Fuji Xerox.
Once again in fiscal 2014, we held the Product Safety Forum, an event held annually since fiscal 2003 to eliminate product safety accidents and realize zero violations of product safety regulations in Japan and in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. More than 1,000 quality managers from functions including research, planning, development, production, maintenance, and sales at production facilities and sales companies in Japan and around the world gathered for a lively exchange of opinions on ways to provide safe, reliable products, all under one overarching theme, "Prevision"-the same theme as the last year. The goal was to reaffirm the meaning of continuing to supply safe, reliable products to our customers. By continuing to heighten employee awareness through the Product Safety Forum and by strengthening corporate governance for product safety, we will continue to provide safe products to our customers.

Quality Assurance

Systems for Providing Assurance to Customers

We do our best at all times to ensure product safety, from design through production and service. If a complaint or accident does arise, the relevant sales company, located in Japan or overseas, registers the incident in our accident records system. A system at the Safety & Quality Escalation Center (SQEC) monitors and collects this information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an accident, we have developed a system whereby sales and service engineers promptly visit the customer to confirm the circumstances, replace and repair defective parts, and maintain the safety of customer equipment. SQEC reports all accidents at or above a certain level of seriousness to management and other related parties within 24 hours. Activities in response to such accidents are deployed under a companywide system. Each accident is managed by an internal task force that thoroughly investigates the cause of the accident and determines appropriate measures to prevent recurrences. The CSR Committee determines the appropriate course of action in the event of serious accidents, including fires. Our Serious Accident Escalation Rules call for the completion of all accident responses no later than one month after the accident.