Niigata Fuji Xerox Manufacturing

Handles processes including manufacturing and trial manufacturing of office copiers and printers together with related products and their mechanical parts and consumables.
Manufacturers large printers, mainly for production services. Its advanced manufacturing technologies deliver products of high quality and reliability to customers.

Address 7546 Tajiri-kougyo-danchi, Yasuda, Kashiwazaki-shi, Niigata 945-1398, Japan
Telephone Number 0257-22-1111
Number of Employees 513 (As of March 31, 2015)
ISO14001 Certification October 1997
Main Products Laser printers
Environment-related date CO2 emission(t) Discharged substances Note 1(t) Chemical usage Note 2(t) Water usage(1000m³)
1,479 1,003 0 46
  • Note 1 Total industrial, general and valuable waste
  • Note 2 PRTR-regulated substances