Environmental Education

Our Policy on Environmental Education

Raising the environmental awareness of each individual is critical for the achievement of a sustainable society. Fuji Xerox has deployed a series of educational programs to develop employees with a high level of environmental awareness and furthermore, to support the development of a society where citizens willingly engage in activities to protect the environment.

Initiatives for Environmental Education

Fuji Xerox uses both e-learning and in-class programs as a means to enlighten its employees on basic environmental issues and practices for reducing environmental impact. We endeavor to provide our employees with plenty of opportunities to learn about environmental management, including basic environmental education programs and advanced education programs tailored to individual job types.
We also encourage employees to participate in fieldwork-type programs so that they can enhance their environmental awareness through firsthand experience. Specifically, we support projects such as Certification Workshops for Nature Guides (co-sponsored with the Nature Conservation Society of Japan) along with various initiatives to provide environmental education to children, including the Kids' ISO Program.
In fiscal 2014, we consolidated the basic environmental education materials created by individual companies to create a set of standardized materials. In fiscal 2015, these standardized materials will be translated into other languages and distributed to overseas affiliates.
We will continue to improve these programs to enhance the environmental awareness of our employees so that they are empowered to work proactively on environmental conservation.