Environmental Management System

The CSR Committee makes decisions on environmental matters. The Environmental Committee, which is chaired by the executive officer responsible for environmental issues and which consists of the management team including the President as well as the heads of the relevant departments, devises and reviews environmental management plans, and discusses and approves other important matters.
Furthermore, separate subcommittees organized by function serve to develop, promote, and review detailed implementation plans for each area that it covers.

Environment-related Committees (Fiscal 2014)

Domestic and International Facilities Attain ISO 14001 Certification

Fuji Xerox attained certification under the ISO 14001 international standard for environmental management at sites in Japan and around the world, including affiliates and sales companies. By obtaining this certification in both production and non-production segments in Japan and internationally, we are making our everyday environmental management more efficient while helping people across the organization grasp the importance of environmental management. In fiscal 2014, we consolidated ISO certifications that had been acquired by individual units by defining a standard management system into which the systems that individual companies/departments had separately established and operated were unified.
In fiscal 2015, we will work to further standardize and improve the efficiency of the management system and take appropriate actions to conform to the revised ISO standards.